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To Be Annoyed With My Neighbour?

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DanJARMouse · 21/06/2008 16:27

Ok, I will set the scene.

We live on a private estate with a little playground a stones throw from our house, no roads etc, very quiet and safe. ( I let my DD's play out there alone and we check them every few minutes)

DDs are playing in the playground with her DD2 (age 6)

She decides she needs to go shopping, takes her DS1,DD1 and DS2 but her DD2 wants to stay in the park with my DD's.

My neighbour says to DH "DD2 doesnt want to come shopping she wants to stay in the park. If its time for your 2 to come in, just leave her where she is"

She has no access to her house, neighbour has now been gone a good hour, and Im thinking I should be getting my girls in now because it will be tea time soon, but I cant leave a 6yr old outside on her own.

AIBU? I dont think so, but should I or can I say anything?

OP posts:
Divastrop · 21/06/2008 16:29

erm,hasnt she effectivley abandoned her if she didnt actually ask you to watch her?

kerryk · 21/06/2008 16:30

i would just keep it casual and say that you did not think she would be so long and you were a bit worried or something. maybe there is a good reason she has been held up.

know how you feel though, i am forever getting myself into these situations.

Carmenere · 21/06/2008 16:31

Just bring the child in to yours and give her tea too. Parent is obviously lacking but it is not the child's fault and you can't leave her out there.

DanJARMouse · 21/06/2008 16:33

Well this is it, I couldnt leave a 6yr old to play while i went shopping.

I wouldnt have minded sooooo much if she had access to the house and maybe her older brother (12) had stayed too.

I feel responsible for her, despite not being asked to watch her.

Talking of which - back out to check they are all ok!

OP posts:
motherhurdicure · 21/06/2008 16:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

BetteNoire · 21/06/2008 16:34

Can the little girl come into your house for a while until your neighbour returns?

It isn't fair of your neighbour, as she's effectively made you responsible for her DD, without really asking.

I'd bring them all in, and tell your neighbour that you didn't think it was fair to leave her DD out there on her own - it was cold, looked like rain, she's already been out there for ages, etc, etc.

Hopefully she'll get the message.

DanJARMouse · 21/06/2008 16:35

i bloody hope not - got my hands full as it is!

I feel sorry for her, she is a single mum of 4, and is usually so careful.

THey are still playing happily, so will leave it til 5pm then bring them all in.

Hopefully neighbour will be back by then!

OP posts:
Love2bake · 21/06/2008 17:00

Is she back yet?

DanJARMouse · 21/06/2008 17:02

she is back, and has avoided me! Cheek!

Just got the girls in, and her little one has been given a banana and sent out to play again!

Ah well, different strokes!

OP posts:
Love2bake · 21/06/2008 17:03

Oh well, at least you can relax now....neighbours!!!

jammi · 21/06/2008 17:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

DanJARMouse · 21/06/2008 17:19

she does fantastically well, but i think sometimes it all gets a bit much.

the kids are lovely, the house is immaculate (puts me to shame) and they never go without. I just think she needs some adult time but we dont know anyone who is willing to babysit 4 kids so she can get some time out.

Ive lived here since september and not once have i known her to go out of an evening.

OP posts:
Divastrop · 21/06/2008 21:37

if she had left a 6 year old alone in the house then wouldnt people be saying 'report her to ss!' or something?why is it different to leave her playing outside?

SlartyBartFast · 21/06/2008 21:47

that same thing has happened to me ... generally ended up bringing other dc's in.. and delaying making food because of it. unreasonable to report to ss though.

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