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to want Centre Parcs to accept clubcard deals vouchers???

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SlightlyMadSweet · 21/06/2008 14:33

i know it would be reasonable to expect them to take the Deals vouchers....but surely I am not unreasonable to want them to take them.

Anyone else with me? Shall be start a petition? Shall we chain ourselves to the fence of our nearest Centre Parcs until they give in?

OP posts:
lackaDAISYcal · 21/06/2008 14:36

would be a great idea.

CP in the UK is a fecking rip off for prices though.

I'm looking for a break in the feb half term as it's my 40th but will have newborn so can't leave the kids with GPs.....CP wanted £850 for a four night break . We can get a week at one in Europe for about 700 euros.

wheresthehamster · 21/06/2008 14:42

While there are still people with more money than sense who will pay the inflated prices, there's no need for CP to sign up for 'deals'.

Agree it would be great though

SlightlyMadSweet · 21/06/2008 14:47


OP posts:
wheresthehamster · 21/06/2008 14:58

Have just emailed Tesco to ask if they could plead with CP to join up

SlightlyMadSweet · 21/06/2008 15:00

Have you really???

Maybe I could do the same?

Maybe we should email Cp too?

OP posts:
jammi · 21/06/2008 15:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

BagelBird · 21/06/2008 15:38

Just not in their interests to take part. It is a loss leader from companies willing to get extra people in and hoping to make up for the loss in extra revenue (food, activities, gifts etc). Centerparks are successfully run with enough demand that they are frequently fully booked. It is amazing that more people do not challenge their pricing policies on more basic issues such as their price hiking for school hols. For a supposedly family orientated company offering holidays for young families with children, it is disgraceful that they blatantly insist on penalising "responsible" holidaying out of term time. (Rant over! )

lackaDAISYcal · 21/06/2008 15:44

what I don't understand is this culture in Britain of charging more for the holidays....the European CPs don't appear to do this as the prices are pretty uniform throughout the whole of the holiday seasons. It's the same company; they must just realise that us gullible Brits are so stupid we will pay up for the over-inflated prices without question or complaint.

We went to one in Belgium last year for this very reason. was great and the ferry trip out and back overnight extended our holiday by a couple of nights.

BagelBird · 21/06/2008 15:53

I understand you might want incentives to encourage people to holiday in traditionally quieter months, but the blatant cost hiking over specific days is astonishing. UK to Europe flights are just as bad. The difference between visiting our relatives abroad in a half term week and having the previous week off school is not just the odd 50 quid for a family but as much as £500 plus depending on the route. We end up splitting it and having a couple of days off school (feel terrible about it) and pay about £200 extra for the half overlap. Still makes me fume and does not sit comfortably on my conscience but we just cannot afford the top prices and we must visit them occasionally.

kerryk · 21/06/2008 16:16

can we add euro disney to that list as well. we went with my parents last year who paid for it all but this year we are going by ourselves with the dc. i was going to have to sell my body to pay for the two days so instead we are only going for one and using our clubcard deals to get parc asterix tickets on the second day.

whatdayisit · 21/06/2008 16:21

But, surely one of the reasons you all like CP so much is because it's so expensive and keeps the riff raff out - otherwise, you'd go to Butlins. Almost exactly the same facilities and much more included in a much chaper price.

rookiemater · 21/06/2008 16:36

At least you can use Clubcard vouchers once you are there for Bella Italia and Cafe Rouge although be prepared for a long queue if you arrive any time after 11.00 am

motherhurdicure · 21/06/2008 16:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lackaDAISYcal · 21/06/2008 16:37

lol whatdayisit

BouncingTurtle · 21/06/2008 16:59

Bagel - IKWYM - am dreading when ds reaches school age and we will have to pay the stupod school holiday prices to go to Spain and visit my dad and the rest of my Spanish rellies .

SMS - only thing Tesco CC deals is that they only tend to apply to full price, so if there are any CP deals on you would not be able to use them! So you would probably have to save up a lot of CC vouchers to afford one of their overpriced holidays!

BouncingTurtle · 21/06/2008 17:00

stupid.... what a spelling mistake to make

LadyMuck · 21/06/2008 17:10

Go to CP Europe and use clubcard deals on Eurotunnel seems to be about the best that I could do. If you book in advance though CP Europe give you significant discounts. We're booked for October half-term for 7 nights costing us 670 Euros in a VIP villa. An Executive villa for the same week at Elveden would have cost us £2,782!! And even the most basic comfort villa is £1,410.

Given that almost all of the Dutch staff can speak English, and a large number of Brist have already twigged to the difference, I am surprised that people are still willing to pay the UK prices.

SlightlyMadSweet · 21/06/2008 17:12

Erm...I have about £200-300 worth of clubcard deals per quarter so I would easily get teh full cost.

OP posts:
lackaDAISYcal · 21/06/2008 17:36

that's why we did it last October Ladymuck.....and the villa we were in included bread rolls delivered to the door every morning and it had its own sauna. Even with the ferry journey we paid the same in Euros as it would have been in pounds to go to CP UK.

How much do you have to spend a week in Tesco to get £200-£300 of reward vouchers. We spend at least £100 a week in Sainsbury's, often more, and all I have to show for it after a year is a paltry £25 off my shopping

kerryk · 21/06/2008 17:45

join all the clubs. i was sent vouchers with the wine club this week 1000 points if i spend £50 on wine on-line, and another 1000 from the food club if i order £50 of food. i also got 1000 points for joining the dvd club for 3 months.

BouncingTurtle · 21/06/2008 17:46

Well cc deals are worth 4x face value, so £50-60 worth of vouchers gets you £200-£300 worth of deals.
You get 1 cc pt per £1 spend, but you can get cc points for reusing carrier bags, plus extra points for buying certain vouchers. If you are with EON you can get cc points when you pay your bill.

lackaDAISYcal · 21/06/2008 17:55
lackaDAISYcal · 21/06/2008 17:55
lackaDAISYcal · 21/06/2008 17:55
lackaDAISYcal · 21/06/2008 17:55

i think you'll find I'm considering switching allegiance to tesco


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