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To want dh to take more notice of me and not the frigging extension

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mrsleroyjethrogibbs · 21/06/2008 13:28

that would be the house extension rather than any other sort.
Grrr. it hacks me off. Its all I seem to hear about. has the builder done this, has he done that? I lost my biscuit yesterday after answering the same question 3 times as clearly dh didnt believe what I was saying I told him that if he wanted to see what the ffing builder was doing that he should stay here an ffing watch him if he wasnt going to believe what I say.
It is really annoying me now. I want him to take a bit more notice of me. Seriously I am am so on heat atm and EVERYMAN (the rather sext builder included) is suddenly good looking because dh is ignoring me (that is a bit tongue in cheek, I mean I would never in a million years do anything). I would love dh to love me, treasure me, adore least more than the flipping house flipping extension.


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lucyellensmum · 21/06/2008 13:50

hmmmm, i hope its not my DP doing work at your house then!! He might get jumped on . I guess it could be worse, he could be showing no interest at all.

posieflump · 21/06/2008 13:52

presumably you both wanted it done though?
maybe if you took more interest in it being done he wouldn't feel like he had to do all the organising and then he would have more time for you?

think yabu, all sounds a bit petty!


mrsleroyjethrogibbs · 21/06/2008 14:35

posieflump yes we both have an equal hand on organising. I will help out where I can, but I am not able to chase the lines down the walls, the most I can do is hold the hoover. Its not that I dont help, I would just like a bit more attention thats all. plus this was all a little tongue in cheek anyways, I know I am being unreasonable

OP posts:
Heated · 21/06/2008 14:52

Create that seductive ambiance that'll appeal to your dh: soft music, candles, paint encrusted trackies with utility belt, slung low exposing bum crack, cover yourself in saw-dust and tell dh check out the plumbing

mrsleroyjethrogibbs · 21/06/2008 17:23

LOL i love it heated, thats good thinking.
Actually All I had to do was kiss him and ask him if I should dance around the extension naked and he soon got the idea.
I reckon he baulked at the thought of me dancing around the extension naked and the fact that anyone could see

OP posts:
Love2bake · 21/06/2008 17:26

I wouldn't mind being ignored for a bit in exchange for a lovely extention

Roseylea · 21/06/2008 17:29

Mrsleroy, my heartfelt symapthies, but I must say we have had a major redecoration / home improvement spree this spring, which I have masterminded (!) and I must say I have been completely obsessed wit hit! It's such hard work and such upheaval - just think of your wonderful home at the end of it! OUrs is starting to look amazing and I am starting to feel vindicated in all my obsessions!

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