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saddened and appalled

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SmugColditz · 20/06/2008 22:31

Sickened and shocked



Gone to the dogs.

Blame mothercare.


No I am fucking not, how DARE you tell me I am being unreasonable, I come here for self agrandisment, not honest answers to by questions.

This is why I don't use mumsnet any more.

OP posts:
SlartyBartFast · 20/06/2008 22:32


morningpaper · 20/06/2008 22:35

I don't user Mumsnet either

I am just here to tell everyone

memoo · 20/06/2008 22:36

smug, has someone upset you? its a bit wild on here tonigh

differentID · 20/06/2008 22:37

but you're using it now?

SmugColditz · 20/06/2008 22:37

Why does this always happen? I come here for support and you harpies lay into me.

It's a true nest of vipers.

I hope you all realise you've made me cry, look.

no, look, you're not looking!

And don't hug me cos you're all so fake.

OP posts:
SmugColditz · 20/06/2008 22:38

I'm still not using Mumsnet, you must have noticed, I tell you every day!

OP posts:
morningpaper · 20/06/2008 22:38

Was there some sort of tornado through here this evening?

Carmenere · 20/06/2008 22:38

feck off you bully

differentID · 20/06/2008 22:38

I don't do hugs very nuch- YOu are safe.

MsDemeanor · 20/06/2008 22:38

WEll, I am just chuntering on about fruitflies and pink really.

SlartyBartFast · 20/06/2008 22:38


2shoes · 20/06/2008 22:38

SmugColditz you are a wonderful perosn. you must not let these terrible things get you down

differentID · 20/06/2008 22:39

Carmenere? was that at me?

morningpaper · 20/06/2008 22:40
differentID · 20/06/2008 22:40

I have some lovely Lindor chocolate to share? ANyone?

QuintessentialShadows · 20/06/2008 22:41

I am a huggie type of person. Colditz, let me vipe your fevered brow, there there. (I am not fake, I am the real deal. I am the.... SHADOWS) dum di di dum.

SmugColditz · 20/06/2008 22:41

yes, yes I am being bullied. I know I am being bullied because I feel^ bullied.

OP posts:
dizzydixies · 20/06/2008 22:42

I think some vats of wine are in order, someone has come in, caused a storm and will hopefully not be seen until in a better mood

red/white/rose or sparkling everyone?!?

Carmenere · 20/06/2008 22:43

NO you are a passive aggressive bully Colditz and you are bullying ME grrr

No not you ID

chefswife · 20/06/2008 22:44

maybe it's just hormones...

CoteDAzur · 20/06/2008 22:44

((((((( Colditz )))))

lol they are ignorant snobs lol you are obviously a wonderful person lol

wannaBe · 20/06/2008 22:44


QuintessentialShadows · 20/06/2008 22:44
dizzydixies · 20/06/2008 22:44

right thats it, sod the offers of wine and chocolate, am getting out the boxing ring

who's in the blue/ who's in the red corner and who wants to parade in their sparkly pants holding up the scores?!


chefswife · 20/06/2008 22:44

i'll take a whiskey please, on the rocks.

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