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To not want a swimming pool in my polytunnel?

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FuriousGeorge · 20/06/2008 21:39

My parents own a farm jointly with my aunt & uncle.Aunt & uncle live on the farm,parents up the street,me in the next village.

At the bottom of the farmyard,aunt has a couple of greenhouse & a small polytunnel.I recently put up a big polytunnel nearby,intending to grow the majority of our veg ect.Relations have been really helpful,saying how great it will be when its finished, assisting with getting the cover on,sharing seedlings ect.

My aunt also has an above ground swimming pool & last year didn't put it up,because the weather was so bad.We have used it on 2 occasions in the past & she was always encouraging us to use it as much as we wanted.Today she asked me if she could put the pool up inside my polytunnel tunnel if the weather doesn't improve,so that her grandchildren & my children,plus the rest of us can get the use out of it.

Part of me thinks that it isn't unreasonable,as there is loads of room.But part of me doesn't want it in there,as it is my place for growing stuff & it has only been up & running 2 months.I can't see a way out of it without causing upset & being branded a mean spoilsport & ruining my kids & her grandkids fun.I had plans to put raised beds in next year,but get the feeling that if I give in this year,The pool will go in there every year.Also,if I'm in there working & all the children want to swim,it will be me who will have to supervise them as I'll be there already,meaning I'll get no work done.

I get on really well with my aunt & my cousin,see them nearly every day & all the kids play nicely together,so don't want to cause bad feeling,but neither do I want to feel resentful.

Any suggestions?

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Tutter · 20/06/2008 21:40

i love your thread title

but cannot think of anything else to say on the matter as have been up since 5am, apologies

BettySpaghetti · 20/06/2008 21:43

Could you offer your expertise to help put up a polytunnel nearby for the pool?

Or partition off the very end of your tunnel for the pool so your veg don't get trampled or ruined?

pastapestofor6 · 20/06/2008 22:32

oh to have such a worry
agree maybe you can get another one for pool?
hope you sort it out

DirtySexyMummy · 21/06/2008 00:50

Jesus.. this is bizarre.

Anyway - agree with other posters re putting up another polytunnel to accommodate the swimming pool.

My god, I can't believe I just wrote that sentence.. 5 minutes ago I had never heard of a polytunnel, which is actually why I opened the thread. However, I think I have worked out what it is.

Uriel · 21/06/2008 01:54

YANBU. Tell her you've seen the long range forecast and it's going to be stunning weather from mid-July, so it's not worth it.

And get it filled with veg paraphernalia pdq!

ReallyTired · 21/06/2008 03:19

"My parents own a farm jointly with my aunt & uncle"

Who owns the farm and the polytunnel? What do your parents think?

Prehaps you need a another polytunnel for the vegetables if you have the space.

FuriousGeorge · 21/06/2008 10:56

Farm is owned by my parents & my aunt & uncle-polytunnel is mine.I bought it,took it down,moved it & has taken me over 5 years to get it put up & running,so that is why I am slightly resentful of it being taken over,just 2 months after it was finished.Also I work in horticulture & had plans to grow stuff to sell on,so have plans for all the space,just haven't had time yet to carry them out.

There is no room for another tunnel,as there need to be access to the paddock beyond.Machinery & livestock need to get to & from it & with the pool up,it can be done,but not,I'd imagine,with another tunnel there,as it would be a fairly permanent structure. & take up too much space.

Thanks for the responses.I've given it some thought overnight & decided to smile sweetly if asked again & answer that I don't mind this year,but next year might be difficult once the raised beds & fruit trees are in.

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