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to refuse to climb a bloody stepladder to clean the walls?

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MamaG · 20/06/2008 17:20

I'm 21 weeks pg

DH has plastered the bathroom ceiling and done a load of tiling - great, I'm very pleased and have helped by getting equipment ready and afterwards cleaning teh floor, bathroom suite, doors and the walls where I can reach to. DH said I should just use the stepladder to clean teh top of the walls and I've refused as I've had the odd wobble lately due to balance.

He thinks IABU as he will be in the house should anything happen - I think IANBU as I shouldn't risk it and I've done the rest of the flippin room!


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LadyOfWaffle · 20/06/2008 17:21

YANBU but I have been up the stepladder painting @ 32 weeks - I don't think DHs 'get' it.

MamaG · 20/06/2008 17:22

I think thats the problem Lady, I was like that with the other two pregnanceis but this time, I've fallen over twice in the past week and almost fallen over twice as well, so I don't want to risk it!

OP posts:
MrsTittleMouse · 20/06/2008 17:23

YANBU! He has never been pregnant and he doesn't understand that strange blood pressure problems, dizziness and balance problems (just due to having strange centre of gravity!) are normal. If you did fall off the ladder then the baby would probably be OK as it's protected by you and the amniotic fluid, but you could get hurt! It would not be fun to spend the rest of the trimester on crutches due to a broken ankle.

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