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To be completely hacked off with HMV?

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2sugars · 20/06/2008 15:08

Bought my mum a CD yesterday, only to find my sister had beaten me to it. Took it back today, still in its cellophane, to be told 'Exchange or gift voucher?'. I'd like a refund please. 'Sorry, no refunds, it says so there on the back of the receipt'.

Well, it's too bloody late, surely, once you've got the receipt, to read their terms and conditions.


OP posts:
TheHedgeWitch · 20/06/2008 17:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Nagapie · 20/06/2008 17:15

eer, the goods were fit for purpose and so I don't think you are entitled to a refund... sorry....

2shoes · 20/06/2008 17:18

this happens with dvd and games. I think it is cos people could buy, copy and return at least this way shop doesn't loose money.(not saying you were doing that)

claricebeansmum · 20/06/2008 17:18

I have had this with them before.

I explained that I would not buy anything else from then again as quite frankly it was a bit outdated to buy music from a shop and this would not have happened if I had downloaded...they gave me my money back.

Whilst in law they do not need to give a refund HMV is one of those high street brands that needs to keep up but has not done.

If they want to drive people out of their stores to spend money on iTunes this is the way to do it.

Love2bake · 20/06/2008 17:26

I had the same problem in Argos trying to take back a DS lite game (the next day, and still in packaging).

I argued until they did give me a refund.

madmuggle · 20/06/2008 18:51

In law you are only entitled to a cash refund if the goods are faulty or unfit for purpose. Many stores offer the ability to get a refund as a courtesy, but they are no longer in the majority. Sorry

2sugarsagain · 20/06/2008 21:55

Thanks everyone. Guess in hindsight I should have dug my heels in.

lazarou · 20/06/2008 21:57

HMV in bath have got all their kids cd's on the 2nd floor, dvd's on the ground floor, and no lift.


lazarou · 20/06/2008 21:58

Oh and as for getting your oney back. I bought a dvd in there that was cheaper elsewhere. I took it back and they refunded me no probs

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