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Or is this a normal pregnant reaction to DH?

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knockedup · 20/06/2008 15:06

So....I've become a right jerky bitch about DH making bodily noises near me

Poor man can't eat anywhere near me because his jaw has started clicking, can't drink tea (the slurping and swallowing makes me want to wrap a frying pan round his head), come anywhere near me in the bed (so to speak) because if I hear him breathing or if he swallows while he's talking I just start raging inside and it takes me a few minutes to calm myself. It's quite unnerving actually - for me and him!

I'm nearly there - I'm 39.5 weeks thankfully because if I was 10 weeks and behaving like this then I think I'd be getting my arse hauled down the divorce courts pronto

No spare room so we sleep top to tail, me with industrial sized ear plugs to block out even the faintest whisper.

Anyone else? Is this a normal pregnancy symptom or have I officially become an unreasonable freak??

OP posts:
Mummyandi · 20/06/2008 15:11

Sounds normal to me. Especially how far on you are. The slightest things can become the worlds biggest irritants

honeybehappy · 20/06/2008 15:12

Your poor DH lol.

Lauriefairycake · 20/06/2008 15:12

it's normal

anything can annoy you that late on

your poor dh

LadyOfWaffle · 20/06/2008 15:15

I have become very irritable also, really unlike me and I hate it. Poor DH gets shoved all night as he snores and groans and grinds his teeth. I even got up in a sulk and slept on the sofa for a few hours the other night I really hope it goes when baby is born, I hate being like this but I can't seem to help it! Have got a bed for the spare room now though so when i's cleared out DH can sleep in peace

SKYTVADDICT · 20/06/2008 15:18

It is so good to read that I am not alone - I will be 33 weeks tomorrow. I was in bed last night and really wanted to scream at him for his snoring. When pregnant with DS last year I just moved into the spare room but now DS is in there the sofa is looking quite good but I can still hear him from downstairs!

Woollymummy · 20/06/2008 15:31

Wow, it sounds just like me. It seemed my DP was snoring JUST to annoy me at one point, or so my selfish pregnant brain was telling me. I think it is evolution's way of selecting for nice men, cos bad men would surely murder annoying pregnant women, thereby getting rid of their own bad genes. The very fact that you are still alive to moan about your hubby's snoring, farting etc means he is a nice man and you are still carrying his nice genes in his baby. Does it mean our babies will also carry mummy's moaning genes....

knockedup · 20/06/2008 15:31

Hee hee - I know! It's the force of the rage about it all that's so worrying and I'm REALLY hoping this goes as soon as I give birth

I mean, I don't feel too guilty as I'm struggling quite a bit now but - now that I've been introduced to these feelings, I don't particularly want to keep them for the rest of my life IYSWIM

I'm sure it's just hormones

OP posts:
Pheebe · 20/06/2008 16:08

Sounds entirely normal to me, those last few weeks suck lemons

But, try and be kind to your DH

My DH has this kind of aversion to all bodily noises and TBH his reactions sometimes make me feel dirty and disgusting when even he admits I'm no more noisy than anyone else (in fact less so round DH because his reaction embarasses me so much).

All the best for the birth BTW tiny babies are the best

Mummywannabe · 20/06/2008 16:11

God i could have typed OP. My DH jaw clicks when he eats (sure it always has but can't remember) am 38 weeks and it makes me so mad!

Also think my poor DH might divorce me if i carrry on . Will read him this post later so he knows its not just me!

KatieScarlett2833 · 20/06/2008 16:12

Perfectly normal, remember the scene from friends where Rachel is due to give birth and Ross can't do a thing right?

Tis hormones.

TheLadyP · 20/06/2008 16:16

I think your labour is imminent! I was like this too - apparently it's to make you so fed up of being pregnant that you actually want to go into labour

knockedup · 20/06/2008 17:13

God I hope Labour is imminent!

Lol at remembering that episode of Friends - feel better about it all now as it's obviously normal.

DH will still have to eat his dinner in the garden tonight and check with me first if he can breathe or swallow, but I can assure him that it's not for long and it's totally normal and's his farking fault I'm like this anyway He'll think better next time!

OP posts:
Turniphead1 · 20/06/2008 17:27

Hi Knockedup - just to let you know that I am like this post-baby arrival (both previous times). I could quite literally kill my DH just for breathing and he just repulses me (poor bloke). Particularly remember him licking his fingers after eating some chcolate and being so glad there were no sharp instruments near by otherwise I'd be a widow now.

It's more to warn you to warn your DP that you might be like this postpartum. My DH knows to expect it now - and it does pass fairly quickly. It is also quite normal, I read about it in one of those Girlfriends Guides to Preganancy /Childbirth.

Not quite sure what the evolutionary purpose is?? Cavewoman so bloody annoying Caveman forced to spend entire time hunting/gathering at risk of being battered with club for sniffing??

2point4kids · 20/06/2008 17:32

Very normal and it wont be for much longer I bet!

bubblagirl · 20/06/2008 17:36

i was very much the same i couldnt stand the smell of him either even though he was fresh and clean to me he stank bad

noises aggrivated me still do at times ds is 3

it will get better though funny thing them hormones the things poor men have to deal with and have no control over you cant help but feel sorry for them at times

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