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That when I have the dc's friends for tea that I decide what to cook!!!

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Twelvelegs · 20/06/2008 13:43

Five times out of the last seven times one mother or another has advised me to cut crusts off, make sure I do carbs as they don;t eat veg, could I please do sandwiches and not hot food and could I cut food very small (for a 6 year old).
When my dcs go to eat somewhere, if asked, I may say not too herb filled or spicey and no cheese (for my intolerant dc). But it drives me crazy that the 'fussy' child comes with a list.

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Sobernow · 20/06/2008 13:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twelvelegs · 20/06/2008 13:48

Of course allergies and veggie, halal and the like....

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FlutterbyButterfly · 20/06/2008 13:49

Well my DS had a friend who's parent has to go round the friends house with their child to make sure they are ok or eating the right thing. I never invited him round here as I couldn't stand her here with him. It'd be 'Oh be careful . Watch what you're eating .

AMAZINWOMAN · 20/06/2008 13:51

No yanbu, I would find this really difficult too.

I have had loads of friends around for tea, and the only fussy children are obese! As they won't eat pasta, vegetables, bread, cheese, tuna...

meemar · 20/06/2008 13:57

YANBU, but I did LOL at 'not too herb filled'

Twelvelegs · 20/06/2008 13:57

I have a super taster and don't specify unless asked!!!

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mumblechum · 20/06/2008 13:59

YANBU. Do you ask the mum for things to avoid or do they volunteer this info?

fwiw the only choice I'd give them is sausages or fish fingers at that age

Twelvelegs · 20/06/2008 14:00

Mostly I don't ask after the first couple of times!

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clumsymum · 20/06/2008 14:00

I was a really fussy child to feed, xcept when I went out to tea, when I would try anything, usually coming home saying "I really like XXXXXXXX", even tho' I had refused to touch that same thing at home.

Twelvelegs · 20/06/2008 14:03

We only eat veggie sausages as meat ones are plain vile (to me!) and my dc when 4 went to someones house who gave him deep fried lincolnshire sausages and tried to make him clean his plate before he could have icecream. She told me this with pride when I collected him, I explained that we don't have meaty sausages.........he never went again.
I never make a child eat anything, that's not my own.

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Twelvelegs · 20/06/2008 14:03

child that is!!

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cat64 · 20/06/2008 14:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Twelvelegs · 20/06/2008 14:23

No, some very precious children!!! Seriously some mothers are very very nice and kids too...

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KarenThirl · 20/06/2008 14:40

My ds has dreadful food issues and doesn't eat much of the 'normal' foods most kids will have, so in the days when he used to get invited to other people's houses I'd tell the parents (when asked what would ds like for tea) "He probably won't eat but give him whatever you're having, offer him a slice of bread and if he's hungry I'll feed him when he comes home". I wouldn't have dreamt of telling them what to feed him when they'd been good enough to offer him to come to their home to play. It never did him any harm to have to wait another hour for tea.

So, YANBU. Decide on the meal and serve it, if they don't like it it's not really your problem.

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