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in thinking of dh is doing an OU course he shouldnt be asking me for help?

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misdee · 20/06/2008 11:12

especially when i dont have a clue what its about.

and if he writing a 900 word report not to moan at me when he only manages 200 and says he doesnt know how to expand it.

he said all this when i was on the phone so unable to help him, so he has gone off to his mums.

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misdee · 20/06/2008 11:24

actually i know i am being unreasonable.

but i also think he should just sit down and figure it out himself.

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cazzybabs · 20/06/2008 11:25

OHH I don't know - I used to get dh to help me.

But hell you are pregnant - if you can't be unreasonable now when can you?

AMumInScotland · 20/06/2008 11:28

Maybe you could get him to explain to you the concept he's trying to write about? That might help him to get it clearer in his own mind so he knows what to put down.

But yeah, if you're on the phone at the time I'm not sure how you're supposed to help!

tjacksonpfc · 20/06/2008 11:28

ive just finished doing the first part of my ou degree and i asked my dp for help a couple of times when i couldnt work something out the way i look at it is if you were in a normal classroom setting you could ask a friend for help. i dont see it as any diffrent asking your dp to help you as its harder not having anyone around to bounce ideas off of hth

misdee · 20/06/2008 11:29

yes but when he was doing his work i was keeping dd3 busy and also at the same time clearing dd1 room of dust bunnies as her asthma has been terrible, then had to call to rearrange a courier, so i am just fed up and being pulled in all directions.

and considering he seems to think i am a bit ditzy, why is he asking me for help (i am not ditzy at all in academic matters, but he seems to think i am).

if he had actually given me a chance to finish what i was doing, i would've helped him expand his work to fill his word count. instead he got a bit stroppy and went off to his mums.

OP posts:
arfishy · 20/06/2008 11:30

LOL Misdee, DP is like this. You should take it as a compliment that he's asking you to help with his degree assignments. He obviously thinks you're a boffin who can help him out. Which course is he doing?

misdee · 20/06/2008 11:30

understanding management.

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Carmenere · 20/06/2008 11:31

Dp and I often help each other and I like that he asks me about his work (and hate when he corrects mine), it is a compliment but as cazzy said, you are pregnant, you are allowed to be unreasonable

Carmenere · 20/06/2008 11:34

Actually he sounds childish YANBU

cazzybabs · 20/06/2008 12:01

thinking about this some more you take my dads approach to housework - which is if you do it badly enough you won't get asked again.

Flashman · 20/06/2008 12:08

If you can't ask your DW for help - who can you ask?

misdee · 20/06/2008 12:10

he can ask me for help but not when iam on the phone and up to my arm pits in dustbunnies.

OP posts:
cazzybabs · 20/06/2008 12:16

You could bribe him - you do some dusting and I'll read your eassy

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