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to think my friend might have a vague idea where I live?

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ChicaLovesBranstonPickle · 20/06/2008 09:41

I received this text from a good friend:

'Guess who's in Valencia for a hen night? If you fancy meeting for a coffee drop me a line!xx'

Ummmmm, weeeeell, I would love to, but I know I live in Spain, but actually I live on the complete opposite side of the country to Valencia. It would only take 12 hours to drive there. No probs!

Actually I PMSL at her crap geography. But AIBU?

OP posts:
Hassled · 20/06/2008 09:43

People are clueless about the geography of other countries. So while YANBU, you probably have too high expectations .

cupsoftea · 20/06/2008 09:45

You live in europe then!!!

ChicaLovesBranstonPickle · 20/06/2008 09:47

lol, cupsoftea. Yes I suppose I do.

OP posts:
SSSandy2 · 20/06/2008 09:55

Tell her to drop by for a coffee, you'll be in

cupsoftea · 20/06/2008 10:03

good idea ssandy! tell her to give a ring when she sets off so you can get the kettle on

ChicaLovesBranstonPickle · 20/06/2008 10:57

Will do. Or maybe better, I'll tell her I've put a couple of beers in the fridge to cool. Might make her drive faster!

OP posts:
Miaou · 20/06/2008 12:56

lol, when I lived on a remote Scottish island, a friend was in my nearest (mainland)town and asked if I wanted to meet up for lunch. I explained to her that although she was in my nearest town it was still a three-day trip for me to get there ... !

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