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to want it all my way and to want it now??!!

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Rachmumoftwo · 11/06/2008 22:36

I want to go on holiday with my DH and my lover, to have my parents give me all the money from their house, to have cheap childcare and not be grateful for it, to have my cake and eat it I want it all my way and if anyone says I am being unreasonable I will sceam and scream until I am sick and then flounce off. So there!

OP posts:
windygalestoday · 11/06/2008 22:41

is this a joke??

cheap childcare???p'ah

BecauseImWorthIt · 11/06/2008 22:41

No, not unreasonable at all.

You go girl!

BecauseImWorthIt · 11/06/2008 22:41

No, not unreasonable at all.

You go girl!

pinkyp · 11/06/2008 22:43

I want to live of my partners "poor" part time wage of £100,000, go on more than 10 holidays a year, i want to fit in my size 8 jeans 1 hour after giving birth, park my car whereever the hell i like because i am more important than everyone else and am so annoyed that my parents are buying a new car so my "will" money will be down by a few grand!!

p.s enjoy ur cake x

Youcannotbeserious · 11/06/2008 22:45

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Flibbertyjibbet · 11/06/2008 22:55

No you are not being unreasonable at all
I want my dp to do all the housework when he comes home from his 900 mile commute at 5 to midnight, make me breakfast in bed before he goes to work at 3am to earn all the money. If he forgets to do all the shopping, make sure my car is taxed etc he is in big trouble.
I want him to never ever again have contact with the evil witch who is my MIL and I want him to worship my own mother who of course is superior to his mother in all aspects of childcare.

2point4kids · 12/06/2008 09:26

You are ENTITLED to all of that plus the moon on a stick

harleyd · 12/06/2008 09:28

sounds perfectly reasonable to me

eenybeeny · 12/06/2008 09:28

thank god finally someone I can identify with!

mumblechum · 12/06/2008 09:38

generally at this thread.

UnquietDad · 12/06/2008 09:40

Such a fine line between parody and the truth...

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