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to think that starting work on local development before 8am is a bit much???

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looneytune · 11/06/2008 09:40

Maybe I am, I know they like to start when it's cooler etc. but FFS, 7.50 this morning they were making a right load of noise with their vehicles and tools!

We live at the end of a nice quiet road and the road that runs along side ours is a private road so usually quiet (although you do get people cutting through). Anyway, they've knocked a house down and maybe bought some bits of peoples back gardens etc (???) and are building some new houses in that space. We constantly have huge diggers, rollers etc. outside our house, it's madness round here but until now, I've not let it get to me. But it's starting earlier and earlier and this morning I noticed it at 7.50am!!

Oh, it could be my hormones (baby due in less than 2 weeks) but it's really annoyed me this morning.

So....AIBU to be a tad annoyed by it all?

OP posts:
mistlethrush · 11/06/2008 10:26

Often there is a condition on the planning consent that restricts hours of working - contact your planning department and find out if there is one that has been put on and, if so, what the hours of working are. Environmental Health are your other option... (noise pollution)

scorpio1 · 11/06/2008 10:27

hours are normally 11pm-7am.

thelittlestbadger · 11/06/2008 10:31

You may also be able to look up the planning permission online as it is usually done by addresses, this will say clearly whether there is a restriction on working hours which there usually is. If so, get on the phone to your planning department and complain

Loshad · 11/06/2008 10:32

7.50 isn't that early though is it tbh. Most people are surely up long before then.

endymion · 11/06/2008 10:33

Also, the more hours they can pack into the day, the sooner the development will be finished.

endymion · 11/06/2008 10:36

OUr local authority don't restrict building hours. 11am starts in the summer would be crazy because that's a good 3 or 4 hours work lost. Also, you couldn't work til 7pm in the winter because gets dark so early.

Unreasonable would be before 7am and after 7pm IMO.

Is hideous and a massive pain, but fingers crossed they finish the build quickly, which hopefully they will if they have a good run with the weather and so on.

looneytune · 11/06/2008 10:46

I've calmed down everyone . Yes, I have school run and SHOULD have been up by then anyway, I was sort of getting up/dozing at that point after a TERRIBLE nights sleep (or should I say no sleep lol) and I just couldn't believe the sheer noise. Well, it's obviously much worse now with every damn machine going but I've been ok about it for the weeks until now, think I just had a bad start to the morning .

Yes, I would rather they were finished quicker (bloomin dust everywhere which is even more of a pita) so will let them off the early starts (having said that, they finish around 4ish and I wouldn't mind them carrying on til later to get done!! But then having said that, maybe it's to do with people living down here being more inconvienced by them being in the way if they are coming back from work?

Right, I will stop moaning now, thanks for making me see the positive side to them starting early. At least the noise will be good practice for my baby for when I start back at work (childminder so when start back will go from being pretty quiet all day to very noisy lol) as he'll only be about 8/10 weeks old. Hopefully he'll learn to sleep through ANYTHING

OP posts:
Elloeise · 11/06/2008 10:51

I look out of my bedroom/front room window onto ds school and ever since the easter hoildays the builders have been in doing to roof and turning it from a infants-jur school to a primary which i know when its done will be a lot better BUT . . .

They start at 6am and knock off at 2.30pm apart from today when joy of joys we got a lovely wake up call from them banging etc at 5.30

so all in all YRNBU not that helps any

fizzbuzz · 11/06/2008 11:30

I had this at top of our road when I was pregnant. I phoned environmenatl health who went and visited them until it stopped.

I think the laws are not before 7.00am on weekdays, and 8.00am on weekends, although it may hve been not before 8.ooam on a weekday if I remember rightly....

I had reversing alarms (that awful be beeping) going of at 6.30 am.

Environmental health kept checking with me that they were abiding all the time. I found them very helpful....

looneytune · 11/06/2008 11:34

OMG, I know my lot didn't actually start that early, I was just having a bad morning BUT 5.30 really is too early imho!!! Also, it's annoying that they knock off early, different if they are cramming the hours in! I'd be if I were you!

Luckily it's just me during the daytime now as I finished childminding on Friday and ds is at school so I'm hiding upstairs with music loud to block it out whilst I do some nesting . I'm supposed to be having a homebirth and just hope it's during the night/weekend as having them right outside my house whilst in labour could be a tad offputting .

Right, best get back to it

OP posts:
looneytune · 11/06/2008 11:36

fizzbuzz - got a feeling that they probably were within their time but will obviously phone if gets really early. Atm what's giving me a headache is the hammering/drilling into the road they are doing, it's sooooooooooooo loud!! Pleased you found EH helpful

OP posts:
endymion · 11/06/2008 11:57

5.30am start is incredibly unreasonable.

I feel your pain looneytune - the dust gets EVERYWHERE.

SandyJ · 11/06/2008 12:33

When I was pregnant the "cultural centre" 2 doors down from us was being renovated, including regularly putting up scafolding at 5:30am - purely becasue they were doing it on the cheap and to block off the road after 7:30 they needed to pay for a permit - tried all the conciliatory approaches (phoning them etc) but it didn't stop until we got the police involved...

sweetie66 · 11/06/2008 13:18

Looneytoons I know just what you mean! My nice quiet road is now a building site as all the gardens have been sold for houses. We regularly get lorries (single track road) blocking our road at 7am in the morning and the abuse you get if you dare ask them to move is horrendous. We complained to our council who said they had a considerate building policy regarding start and finish times and verbal/physical abuse however they don't have the manpower to enforce it. It is now impossible to park in our road as the cars from the new houses use it as well, even though they have two car drives. In a fit of temper one day I saw a new house person park in the road so I parked in their drive. I said if you cannot be bothered to park in your drive I will. Their excuse? It was on a hill and they were worried the car would roll. Clearly never heard of a handbrake. Can you tell I am annoyed!

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