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to think I should keep a shedload of footballs in the house to chuck at the cheeky f'in cat that

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Twiglett · 10/06/2008 21:26

just came in our house and went upstairs

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Joanne23 · 10/06/2008 21:27

no you shouldn't, that's atrocious. I once had a neighbour throw a football at my cat and I was really annoyed

Milliways · 10/06/2008 21:29

Maybe it's my cat, whom I ignored at tea time as was too busy, but I told him Twigs house was worth checking out in time of need

Twiglett · 10/06/2008 21:31

I am gonna kick its ass if I get near it

what was it doing upstairs? it went straight past sausages on the grill fgs and upstairs

OP posts:
micci25 · 10/06/2008 21:32

pepper/lemon juice/tinfoil on your door step cats hate the stuff, or if it does it again clap loudly and suddenly or squirt with water pistol

tips i gave my neighbour when my cats decided that her plant pots made good litter trays

FranSanDisco · 10/06/2008 21:33

Water cannon - easier to aim at 'em. Next door have 2 cheeky feckers. They sidle up all cutey and purry then poo in my patio roses As i have my cup of tea on the patio I get a wiff of poo - not nice. I now have hose at the ready. Why can't they manure their own garden ffs?

FranSanDisco · 10/06/2008 21:35

My spelling's a bit iffy in that post

Confederate · 10/06/2008 21:36

Is the cat yours Twiglett?

Confederate · 10/06/2008 21:37

I am confident that there should be a more cat or animal friendly way of keeping the cat down the stairs.

Twiglett · 10/06/2008 21:37


what d'ya reckon confederate?

OP posts:
Twiglett · 10/06/2008 21:38

oh I'm allergic to sodding cats too

OP posts:
Confederate · 10/06/2008 21:38

Is it a neighbor's cat?

Sorry for all the questions.

I don't think if you stored your footballs even in a super handy place, that you would be quick enough to reach the ball to throw at the cat, because it my experience they move quite fast.

Confederate · 10/06/2008 21:39

Have you considered your back door closed for the majority of the time, denying the cat access?

pollywobbledoodle · 10/06/2008 21:40

fed up of them cr*pping all over the garden....we were collecting a pound and a half of poo a week (dh weighed it!)....we bought a mega water gun from woollies that shoots water over 30 feet...they still do it but i feel better

whatdayisit · 10/06/2008 22:10

In your house??!!! In my garden's bad enough. Why do people think it's Ok for their pets to poo in my garden (or in the street for that matter) when an adult human can be arrested for even urinating in a public place?
I'm sorely tempted to send DS2, who's still having difficulty getting his poo in the right place, to do his business in next door's garden?

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