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AIBU? want to tell my mother next time she moans about cucumber and raw onion not agreeing with her...

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duchesse · 10/06/2008 19:34

...that thanks to her bloody weird babycare practises (I was weaned at 2 months onto fish and egg), fruit and veg are practically the only things I can eat without having days of pain and discomfort afterwards.

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 10/06/2008 19:35

oh dear
sorry to hear this

2point4kids · 10/06/2008 19:37

Did she do it against all advice though? I though early weaning was the 'done thing' in those days?

I weaned DS1 at 4 months on advice of my HV and would be devastated if he had health problems later and blamed me for it. Most of us do the best we can.

2point4kids · 10/06/2008 19:38

Sorry, meant to say I'm sorry you have problems with food. Must be horrible.

nickytwotimes · 10/06/2008 19:39

Sorry about your problems, duchesse. Absolutely rotten for you. It's true though that we were weaned early. i was given rice in a bottle from 2 mths. Fortunately I am okay and we know better now. it has caused you such problems.

duchesse · 10/06/2008 19:40

I don't really even think about it in those terms. I just work out what the thing causing the problem is and eliminate it as far as possible from my diet. The only problem is having to look askance at absolutely everything.

OP posts:
Chandon · 10/06/2008 21:16

don´t blame your poor mum, she tried her best. Your stomach problems may not actually be the result of the early weaning...

sorry about your tum, sounds horrible. Yabu though...

sweetkitty · 10/06/2008 21:19

I was a 34 week premmie, apparently at 6 weeks old I was on rusk in a bottle and at 8 weeks proper tatties and mince. (am veggie now right enough) but thats the same as giving a 2 week old mashed potato with milk, butter and a heap of salt (I know my mother everything is oversalted), with beef mince, onion and carrot, oxo cubes and more salt.

colander · 10/06/2008 21:52

You can't possibly blame your mother for following current (at the time) advice. Who knows, in 50 years time, the current advice may say "back in 2008 they actually weaned as early as 6 months" or "back in 2008 they didn't wean until 6 months meaning a whole generation of children were lacking in...." We can only do the best for our children with the information currently available to us.

Your problems may have nothing to do with early weaning anyway.

So, YABU, but sorry to hear about your stomach probs.

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