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To want to crawl into a hole today when, at the soft play centre,...........

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lucyellensmum · 06/06/2008 20:12

I went up to the counter to buy DP a packet of crisps, turned around to see, DP feeding DD full fatted, full caffeined coke, COKE i tell ya, to my 2.9 yo DD. I could tell a few of the other mothers had noticed . I told him in my bestest matronly voice that i do not want DD to have that. But then on noticing the looks from other mothers, i had to follow it up know we are going out tonight, we are going to have to counter that with doublde dose of medised - i just coudlnt stop myself.

I did promptly remove the coke and replace it with a cup of water.......i mean, COKE??? That makes fruit shoots pale in comparison

OP posts:
Flashman · 06/06/2008 21:20

when I worked at moto services on M1 found that if you half pushed in the coke machine lever that it delivered pure coke syrup. Drank more than a cup of that over time - now that did give you a buzz!!!

GreatGooglyMoogly · 06/06/2008 21:23

What is wrong with straws? I thought they were better for teeth?

nzshar · 06/06/2008 21:25

Really mn gets so het up over the silliest things. Will the coke kill her? I doubt it. As long as shes not having litres of the stuff. And yes if dp had criticised me about what I fed ds in public i would not be too happy either.

lucyellensmum · 06/06/2008 21:33

Im not het up, i thought it was funny, heavens above!

OP posts:
handlemecarefully · 06/06/2008 21:47

Greatgooglymoogly - yes indeed, straws are better for your teeth

"HMC read it again I was getting the crisps for DP" - OK I stand corrected, but why can't your DP get his own chuffin' crisps

ChukkyPig · 06/06/2008 21:50

Mmmmmm neat coke syrup mmmmmmm.

Who needs fruit shoots?

Chandon · 06/06/2008 23:09

Apple juice isn´t much better than coke, my GP says. He says water is best, and a sugary drink (ie juice) only once a day.

Anyway, in most countries kids get coke from age 1 (!). I never give it to my DSs, but they get it here at birthday parties all the time. Plus hands full of candy. Even the teachers at school often give the children sweets and lollipops .

It will be a shock for my Dss to move back to the UK, after this sugar orgy.

Quattrocento · 06/06/2008 23:16

Coke AND crisps - you are destined for hell

muggglewump · 06/06/2008 23:23

And the problem is?

solo · 07/06/2008 21:36

If you put a piece of beef or a mushroom into a glass of Coke, it will disappear. It weakens and thins tooth enamel and weakens your bones too. That is what is wrong with Coke!
If you want to clean your toilet bowl effectively, pour a can of Coke into it and leave for an hour...COKE! and the limescale is gone. COKE! and the stains are gone! Try it!

We don't have fizzy or any cordials what-so-ever in the house. There is fresh fruit juice, water, fruit tea. Ds drinks water and fruit tea. If we go out, I let him have a glass of lemonade as I think that is the lesser of the two evils really.

TheHedgeWitch · 07/06/2008 21:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

snig · 07/06/2008 21:53

my ds got one of those small cans of coke in his christmas stocking last year and he shouted with delight that santa got it right. poor deprived child

lucyellensmum · 08/06/2008 11:00

I might try that in the toilet solo . Also good for tough cleaning jobs is tomato ketchup - i learnt this in school. I left my dinner money change on the tray and spilt some ketchup on it, half of the minging brown coin came up a shiney orange in less than two minutes - amazing! Actually coke has a lower pH than hydrocloric acid! Thing is though, i drink loads of it . At least i know my insides are shiney clean

OP posts:
solo · 08/06/2008 12:45

At the risk of sounding holier than thou, which I'm not at all or trying to be...It's just not good for you. I have the occasional can of Coke, and it used to be my non alcoholic drink of choice in my younger days, but I don't even like it much anymore. Mind you, I was so into Diet Coke with lime when I was pg with Dd...anything sharp and sour!
I'd sooner know that my teeth and bones will see me through until my time is up, than have brittle bones and false teeth!

Flashman · 08/06/2008 21:22

Solo - Brittle bones - I read that the amount of calciulm that coke "takes" is replaced with less than a teaspoon of milk. And not good for you - the odd can her and there will not effect you in the slightest!

nzshar · 08/06/2008 21:38

OMG I had better put the doughnut I'm having down and the fact that I don't do organic must be bad for me and my family!
A little of what you fancy every now and again (see I avoided the everything in moderation line ) is ok. Just as long as coke, doughnuts and sweets aren't the staple diet

finallydoneit · 08/06/2008 21:51

ohn dear ud oh dear!!! nice cream?

kee27 · 08/06/2008 22:23

do u know what i dontt think coke is that bad i give my 4 year old diet coke when im having it also she has froot shoots to and loves them she has no health probs no bad teeth and gose to bed to at 7pm my 8 year old has it to the only thing i find is that if we r at a party and they drink cheep makes omg they r clinbing the walls by the end of the night im peeling them off lmao so when we go out no i allways end up getting them blackcurrent and soda water lol my 4 year old lol dont even know th ediffrens hahahahahahahahah

bumperlicious · 09/06/2008 08:02

I'm with LEM on this. DH knows that should he take DD to McDonald's it'll be down the divorce courts for him .

Anyway, doesn't everyone have their "thing"? The thing they are really anal about, while turning a blind eye to their child slugging bleach in the corner?

TrinityRhino · 09/06/2008 08:06

why did you have a problem with the straw?

hanaflower · 09/06/2008 08:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TrinityRhino · 09/06/2008 08:13

also drinking through a straw uses both sides of the brain and encourages cognitive developement

lucyellensmum · 09/06/2008 10:13

You know what, i can't believe i convinced myself that drinking through a straw was bad - i knew it wasn't - my brain is addled . So, drinking from two straws that is even better?? I'll be raising a genius at this rate, but im not looking forward to the caffience lows .

DD was wanting my coke yesterday so am gonig to have to concede to not drinking it with her around as she seems to be getting a taste for the stuff. Yes, i agree its OK every now and then but i dont want her having it all the time.

From a sugar perspective, fruit juices are just as bad, but you never feel quite so guilty about that do you

OP posts:
TrinityRhino · 11/06/2008 23:12

thats because fruit sugars are different to refined sugar in coke

not to mention the caffeine

the CAFFEINE is why I wouldn't think anyone should drink alot of coke, its a nasty addictive thing

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