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To avoid NHS advice re. Aspirin in Pregnancy

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bloodynewusernameagain · 28/02/2024 09:26

Context: Am due baby 2 in August at 41yo. Had my first at 39.5, totally easy pregnancy, normal bmi and blood pressure throughout, no complications whatsoever, 10/10 apgar scores, had elective c section, and surgeon told me I had a fantastic blood supply to uterus. I had a quick, standard recovery. As with first, conceived second in the first month of trying.

NHS advice this time is for me to take 150mg Aspirin per day as I'm now over 40. I understand why in general this is advised. I also took the Fetal Medicine Foundation calculator Oster recommended for Pre-Eclampsia risk and it came back very low (1/5000) I'm not anti vacc or "woo" in any way, but I just think with my recent history and current pregnancy, "if it ain't broke". High dose aspirin in pregnancy isn't good and there are only small studies on outcomes of low dose (although these show no issues with kids at 18 months and granted loads of women fall into the risk profile so are taking Aspirin.

AIBU/stypid to think that things are likely to go just as straightforwardly for baby no 2 at 41 as baby number 1 at 39?

Yabu: just take the bloody pills you borderline conspiracy theorist nutter

Yanbu: don't just blindly follow blanket advice that the NHS offers, your previous recent pregnancy/health status is a much better indicator

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Am I being unreasonable?

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You are being unreasonable
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PlumpAndGrump · 28/02/2024 09:31

I look aspirin during first pregnancy but it was only 75mg and only up until 36 weeks if I remember.

In your circumstances, if there are no risk factors other than age and you've recently had a successful pregnancy/healthy baby then I wouldn't take it.

DownWhichOfLate · 28/02/2024 09:34

You only have one risk factor (age) and I thought you needed two risk factors to have aspirin? That was the advice when I had a baby in my 40s recently.

asdf33 · 28/02/2024 09:37

150mg per day is not high dose. it is in fact nowhere near the daily maximum dose.

Lumiodes · 28/02/2024 09:40

When I was pregnant I chose not to take things the NHS said were safe. Let’s not forget they once said thalidomide was safe to take during pregnancy. I took absolutely no medication at all while I was pregnant and would do so again regardless of my age.

bloodynewusernameagain · 28/02/2024 09:44

DownWhichOfLate · 28/02/2024 09:34

You only have one risk factor (age) and I thought you needed two risk factors to have aspirin? That was the advice when I had a baby in my 40s recently.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I believe this was the case until recently, but I've now spoken to 3 different midwives in my trust who advise me that only 1 high risk factor now required. Husband thinks that might be because we are in a somewhat socio economically deprived area so they may automatically add that aspect a risk factor ...

OP posts:
Bells3032 · 28/02/2024 09:45

honestly it's a couple of very cheap pills a day and could reduce your risks. there are weird cut offs on the NHS but they have to draw the lines somewhere. i honestly think you're making a bigger deal than it needs to be.

150mg is not a big dose. it's half a standard dose that can be taken multiple times a day.

No one is gonna force you to take it but if something does happen will you regret it over the same of a couple of pills?

DownWhichOfLate · 28/02/2024 09:51

I’ve just googled and it seems it must be area-dependent! No idea where you are but I found this:

which says over 40 is enough of a risk. Whereby I had my baby last year (different area to link above) and over 40 wasn’t enough of a risk.

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