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To ask if hormones can be a trigger for anxiety/OCD?

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Magslo · 11/02/2024 21:00

I’ve always had anxiety from time to time but usually keep it at bay quite well. I’ve just been reading a book tonight (generally better for my head than mindless scrolling) and my brain has decided it’s the time to worry about anything and everything.

I am trying to work out the trigger but generally can’t think of one, I’ve just been reading quite a lighthearted fiction book.

I thought putting my phone down would help as I’m usually glued to social media but it’s as if the change to the routine has actually left me temporarily worse off!

Ate well, slept well, stayed away from the news, spent time with loved ones, did everything to minimise Sunday scaries yet they’re out in force and I’m not in work tomorrow. The only thing left I can think of is hormones - does anyone else find that’s a trigger? :)

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10ThousandSpoons · 11/02/2024 21:00


TrixieFatell · 11/02/2024 21:02

My hormones are terrible for anxiety and ocd. My anxiety always peaks before my period is due, and everyone I have babies I get postnatal OCD.

fuckthemail · 11/02/2024 21:02

Why OCD?

But yes

And linked also to PMDD

PurplePansy05 · 11/02/2024 21:04

Yes, certainly spikes before my period, spiked in my pregnancies and peaked after I had DS. There definitely is correlation, read up on the relationship between high cortisol and progesterone in particular.

Frosty1000 · 11/02/2024 21:05

Haven't had anxiety symptoms for coming up 15 years (had PTSD so pretty bad before) but as soon as I hit peri everything came back like a bulldozer.

Hormones are rubbish

Hopingforno2in2024 · 11/02/2024 21:05

Since starting IVF which has of course messed up my hormones my anxiety is much much worse. Am currently taking a break from treatment to get it back under control.

sexyandy · 11/02/2024 21:06

Gosh yes. Why do you think so many women think they are actually doing insane at perimenopause. It can be crippling

Prizefighter · 11/02/2024 21:09

Yes, definitely.

Have you had any alcohol? Hormones and booze are the worst combination.

AzureBlue99 · 11/02/2024 21:14

Anxiety has been my worse menopause symptom. Used to be ballsy and fearless. Now I am a gibberish wreck and the stress of it all has affected my physical health. It is hard being a woman.

TheLurpackYears · 11/02/2024 21:16

Yes. And low b12 and anemia. And thyroid imbalance.

Pinkfluffypencilcase · 11/02/2024 21:26

Yes I notice a link to hormones. Going through menopause and big gaps between periods. I felt quite even. Then I started hrt (to help with other symptoms) and when I start the progesterone days I am a mess.

rattling · 11/02/2024 21:32

I'm another who experienced anxiety for the first time as a result of perimenopause which has resulted in a few OCD type symptoms.

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