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My job gives me bad anxiety advice need please

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Needsomeadvicepleaze · 11/02/2024 17:27

I was taken on as a development opportunity I’m 5 months in but still no where I need to be due to lack of exposure it’s no one’s fault it’s just the way things have worked out.

I have now been taken on as permanent but anytime my manager is off I panic because i have to deal with these situations where I'm
probably not qualified to deal with.

My whole weekend has been full of dread!

OP posts:
AcridAndStanLee · 11/02/2024 19:20

Work shouldn't make you feel this way.

A few options

Talk to your manager and ask for help
Take a step back and see whether you need to be so anxious - are you actually doing a good job and just overthinking?
Take medication such as propranolol to reduce anxiety
Get another job. It's good to progress but at what cost?

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