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To let me kid wear/not wear what he wants

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Texas85 · 11/02/2024 11:16

My DS is 4, nearly 5. In reception. He is very "behind" his peers and always has been - (langauge; emotions) he is still struggling to hold a pencil etc. He is on waiting list for ASD and has been since preschool referred him 18 months ago.

He is into unicorns, glitter, pink, very very bright clothes. He also likes to be naked (at home).

My DH thinks he is too old to be naked at home all the time and we should be encouraging him to wear more regular clothes. The other boys in his year all seemed to be dressed like mini versions of their dad'. And they are all into superheros and pokemon and football. He hates all that stuff. He doesn't have friends as he doesn't get along with the boys, and the girls won't play with him as he is a "smelly boy". He was fine at preschool as he hung out with the girls but this isn't happening now

My question is despite his social challenges I want to just let him wear what he wants really, my DH thinks we need to "parent" him so he's more accepted at school and get him a more subdued wardrobe and telling him he needs to wear pants at least at home

Any thoughts?

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hummmmm · 11/02/2024 17:47

You can get some really cool pants on Etsy that are more comfortable for kids with sensory issues and really bright colours, you could let him choose some he likes?

littleducks · 11/02/2024 18:14

Another one to suggest hooded blanket/oodie type thing round the house, loose and baggy enough to not feel dressed but still covered up and snuggly.

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