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To ask about recovery from internal bleeding in the lung?

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BobbyBiscuits · 09/02/2024 23:52

Sorry, I don't expect medical opinion, but does anyone know how long it takes to recover from internal bleeding in the lung caused by rib fracture?

The person is early 40s and otherwise quite healthy physically. Rib fracture happened about 2 weeks ago, but internal bleeding was not detected last time in the hosp, so they released them a week ago.
They are having a transfusion and drain in hospital now (called Ambulance who took them there about 2 hrs ago).

Has anyone any experience of this? I know their life isn't in danger as they are with professionals, but wondering how long the recovery would be and what level of movement people can do afterwards? The person has a disability so can only usually walk with crutches anyway.

Thanks in advance people : )

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