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To think Zog gives me the creeps.

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Plainjaneusername · 09/02/2024 21:31

Not Zog the dragon himself but Sir Gadabout who is clearly in his 20s or even 30s and looks really slimy, and Princess Pearl seems to be no more than about 15 years old.

And don't get me started on Zog and the Flying Doctors, I've long since hidden that book from DS as Princess Pearl seems to have shacked up with Gadabout and they've drawn her even younger🤢

I love Julia D books but this one gives me the serious ick.

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Ελλe · 10/02/2024 06:46

Is this a joke? 😂

Dog and the flying doctors is a fave in our house. DC even thinking about going as Gadabout for world book day.

I wouldn’t say Pearl looks that young anyway?

and “shacked up!” - that’s your brain creating that little side story

helpnohelpno · 10/02/2024 07:01

I thought they both look young but presumably adults. It's set in the time of knights so people did marry etc younger.

GreyhpundGirl · 10/02/2024 07:09

I adore Zog, and don't think Pearl looks that young at all. They both look like depictions of young adults.

OhMarzipan · 10/02/2024 07:11

The only line I don't like is "you can't, she's mine!" Not entertaining that, thanks! So I change it to "you can't, you can't!"

The thing that bothers me about the flying doctors is the message that "yeah, princesses can be doctors, but only if a man says it's OK."

WetWetWett · 10/02/2024 07:12

I don't get that vibe at allllll. This might be a you problem OP! 😬

Inyourwildestdreams · 10/02/2024 07:13

😅😂 think you might be looking into this one a bit too much OP.

ThomasinaLivesHere · 10/02/2024 07:13

I never got that they were a couple. Although I haven’t looked at the books in a while.

DrearyLane · 10/02/2024 07:15

It helps that I’ve always read Sir Gadabout with a “totally hopeless and stupid” voice. Pearl is always the brains of the operation.

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