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To have cms taken direct from wage? How long does it take?

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winebreeze · 09/02/2024 20:56

My ex paid the amount the CMS has directed him to for around a year.
Recently he has missed a payment, paid half of the next one and then not paid today's payment.
We haven't been together for years but this is his only bit of control he has, he's very sad and needs a life.
AIBU to maybe give a warning that I'll apply for it to be taken directly from his wage and then do just that?
Also as his wage has been checked and instalments already worked out, how long would it take for this to be implemented? Does it take ages or is it straight away?

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Tarantella6 · 09/02/2024 21:02

CMS will write to his employer. At that point you are at the mercy of a) the post, b) how organised his employer is with incoming post and c) payroll cut off points.

Also the CMS don't really do anything if the employer doesn't action it. We missed a revised amount letter once, it got buried in an in tray or something, and all they did was write again a few months later! Admittedly it was only £25 short but I was a bit surprised by how chilled out they were about it.

RadiatorHead · 09/02/2024 21:43

Be prepared for this to take forever. Firstly the CMS have to decide to do a DEO, then the amount has to be calculated before the employer is notified, then the employer have to send it in, before it finally comes to you. The initial payment could take 6 plus months easily. Then, he could job hop and you’re right back to the beginning. Oh the joys.

Can you tell I’m a veteran of this 🙄

Itslegitimatesalvage · 09/02/2024 21:46

That’s not how it works. You can call and tell CMS, and they will give him warnings, and chances to fix it etc. They will then move him to collect and pay but only after lots of earnings and months and months of you calling them daily to get them to do it.

winebreeze · 09/02/2024 22:34

Thanks for the replies.
@Itslegitimatesalvage I will try calling them, a warning might work, didn't realise they were able to do this thank you

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winebreeze · 09/02/2024 22:36

@RadiatorHead do you know whether the payments would be backdated if it did take this long?
Sorry you've had a bad experience, it's not fair x

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