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Struggling with asthma? Any DRs/nurses?

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Cantthinkofausername20 · 08/02/2024 21:07


i posted about this last week and cannot find the thread for the life of me even though I had replied to comments etc but now I can’t find it so having to ask again, apologies ☹️

im asthmatic and it’s usually controlled by x4 puffs daily of fostair which is a combination inhaler for preventing and for attacks. But for the last month or so my asthma has been out of control and it’s been really bad. I’m going to go to the GP tomorrow so just wondering, what inhaler is the next step? Are they likely to try montelukast or something like that? I’ve been happy on fostair until recently but my asthma has been awful for over a month now and im just desperate to get it under control now 😢

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Mumof2teens79 · 08/02/2024 22:13

My dad is on fostair but I am on that a step down?
They may just give you something to see you through this. Thereafter lot of virus around at the moment plus saharan dust clouds and cold air.
They may just give you a course of steroids or a nebuliser to settle it down and then the fostair will be fine again.

DazedandConcerned · 08/02/2024 22:15

Been there got the shirt.

Fostair on the MART therapy is an option.

Also can add Spiriva.

I am now on Enerzair which I found to be a complete game changer.

Best wishes - asthma is terrible.

AnnaMagnani · 08/02/2024 22:17

If you respond to Montelukast (not everyone does) it's amazing.

I love my montelukast.

DoAWheelie · 08/02/2024 22:28

I'm also on fostair, when it wasn't fully controlling things (allergy based asthma with a list of allergies to common household things as long as my arm) I was put on Montelukast and I have 0 regrets. I get no side effects at all but I can miss a dose of my inhaler (memory problems) and not suffer at all. I'll notice if I miss a few but I usually only forget the occasional one.

Cantthinkofausername20 · 09/02/2024 22:00

Just an update- managed to get seen today and got help. I’ve been changed to symbicort 200/6 so hoping it helps. The doctor was really helpful and explained it all in amazing detail so feeling optimistic that this new inhaler will help! X

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Cantthinkofausername20 · 09/02/2024 22:01

Oh and I’ve been put on montelukust too.

Cannot wait to be able to breath properly again!!

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