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Confused about what just happened with my bank card. Money not come out??

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Nolo9 · 08/02/2024 16:24

I will go back but I’m wondering what just happened. I just got £20 worth of shopping and then spent £5 in the pharmacy. Both transactions said authorised and I got receipt for both but the money is still showing in my account and they are not pending transactions. There is no trace of it. What could of happened?

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mrsbyers · 08/02/2024 16:25

It sometimes takes a little while to show

Skiphopbump · 08/02/2024 16:26

Systems may be a little slow and it will show later.

lesssugar · 08/02/2024 16:28

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dementedpixie · 08/02/2024 16:31

Depends if the system reserves the money straight away or not. It will come out in the next few days even if not showing as pending

OhItsOnlyCynthia · 08/02/2024 16:33

You often can't see pending payments immediately. Check again in an hour or so.

YouveGotAFastCar · 08/02/2024 16:34

Often happens - some machines don't log transactions immediately, they do it in batches, either at a specific time or when the machine is holding a specific amount. It'll come out.

zingally · 08/02/2024 16:39

Some days it can take a few days for things to catch up. I've often had money leave my account 3 or 4 days after I walked away with the goods.

Nolo9 · 08/02/2024 18:44

Thanks everyone. I never knew that, hadn’t noticed before.

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