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To ask where you get good quality phone photos printed?

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IBE45 · 07/02/2024 21:26

Posting here for traffic.

Where do you get good quality phone photos printed? I've tried Snapfish and the photos come out washed out and grainy no matter what size I try. Also, if you have any luck with Snapfish, what phone are you using to take photos? Thank you.

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firethene · 07/02/2024 21:28

Snap fish are rubbish try Postsnap

IBE45 · 07/02/2024 22:11

Thank you for the recommendation. I'll have a look.

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almostthere75 · 08/02/2024 00:05


Be prepared that if you crop a photo on your phone it won't look as sharp when they print it
I found out that lighting and cropping all affect the photo
They also crop a photo to fit so I've had bits chopped off before.
It's more complicated than I expected!
It all makes sense but you need to appreciate the online photo shops aren't perfection.

realdays · 08/02/2024 00:10

This company are great. You can also call them and speak to a human!

DdyDaisyDaresYou · 08/02/2024 00:13

45 per month, just pay postage
Customer service responsive if any issues

funinthesun19 · 08/02/2024 00:32

Free Prints are good.

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