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Toddler cough / sickness

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Newjob24 · 06/02/2024 03:53

Hi hoping someone could help?! Posting here for traffic..
My 2.5year old DD has had an ongoing cough going on 3 weeks now. Its got to the point where it's hurting her. She has had an awful cold with it. Terrible snotty (sorry TMI). I am currently awake watching her. She keeps wretching before she coughs.. you would think she's about to vomit with it. I can see her wee tummy pulling in quite alot. Anyone elses children got this ongoing cold/cough? She just about takes calpol for us (puts up a fight first though). She came up in a rash the other day that looked like nettle stings straight after her bath. Her legs were covered but seems to have settled since. There's a few patches where the rash still is. I am obviously going to ring GP as soon as it opens.. Just looking to see if anyone else's toddlers/children have this awful sickness 🙁

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Rosebyanothername19 · 06/02/2024 07:45

So sorry to hear your little one is unwell! Mine has also had an ongoing cough/cold for about 3 weeks and it has made her sick a few times with it.
I had her to the Dr's last week and they gave steroids and a course of antibiotics which did clear it up for a few days but it has come back again, so we are back to the Dr's again today. I had a phone consultation last night and they did emergency steroids which helped her get through the night.

I would definitely call your gp and see if you can get an appointment. It's horrible seeing them suffer like this isn't it!? X

Newjob24 · 06/02/2024 11:50

@Rosebyanothername19 Aww so sorry to hear your little one has been and still is poorly. Its not nice seeing them sick. It just seems to last forever😫 We are just back from the GP. She gave us both antibiotics. Gave my daughter the first syringe of it and she went crazy. She hates taking medicine. That awful yellow one. How we're going to manage giving it to her 4 times a day.. I'll never know😖 I hope you get sorted at the doctors today xx

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