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Jokey AIBU - husband always wants bathroom the same time as me!

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Pineapples198 · 05/02/2024 17:05

We are a family of 4 with only 1 bathroom. It’s a pain. My husband seems to have a skill of always needing the bathroom for a “number 2” when I need it for something. Example. I get home from work at the same time every day give or take 5 mins. I usually come in, say hi to kids, hi to husband, we exchange how was your day pleasantries., then I go for a shower. Every day without fail my husband will say “oh before you get in the shower can i go to the loo”, I then sit about for 10-15 mins while he goes to the loo . this also happens in the mornings, and whenever I announce I’m going to bed he usually nips in there too so I have to wait around before brushing my teeth.
I have jokingly asked him why and said can he go before I get home? or even when I get home while I’m making a brew . Why does it have to be always when I say I’m going for a shower. He thinks I am unreasonable to request this. So from now on I’m going to stop announcing when I’m using the bathroom in the hopes he will stop suddenly needing it.
AIBU ? 😂

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Pearlyclouds · 05/02/2024 17:15

I kicked off big style about this. We only have 1 bathroom between 5 of us. Onv if I have a bath I don't lock the door so the younger children can use loo if needed..
But my husband can f right off if its the usual time I get ready for work etc... he knows what that time is.. it's the same every shift.. I had a big row with him
I said he's a grown man and he knows what time I get ready for work and he knows which nights I work. If he needs a shit he needs to use the bathroom before I go into it. There's no bloody excuse. When you live with 5 people you need to be considerate. Not forget about using the loo until someone else needs to use the bathroom to wash before work.
He doesn't do this any more since I went absolutely nuts at him about it. He remembers to go earlier in the evening.

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