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To think someone in a taxi should not queue to go into centre parcs?

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toqueue · 05/02/2024 12:38

I know this is petty but it's annoying me.

I'm on a SM group about our local centre parcs. A lady has asked about the arrival day if you are not driving (she is getting a taxi). Where to leave bags/ etc She's going with 4 children.

I said when she gets into the site the road branches off, left for 'guests' right for 'spa' but they both join up again close to the check in lodge. Depending on the time you arrive the guest queue can be 10 mins or an hour so she's hardly going to sit there with the taxi meter running. I said to take the road for spa. The taxi will be able to get her about 100m from the check in lodge where they can hop out and walk the rest and the taxi can turn around.

This is the response I have had from others ''still kinda crap to skip the queue though. I was pissed that people did this while we waited. I said it at reception. NOT acceptable for most people to wait an hour and others breeze on in because they don't drive themselves or because they feel entitled. Bad and ignorant advice''

Others have similar sentiments about her 'jumping the queue'

If people arriving in their own cars did that, yes I would think they were CF's but I think this is different.

YABU - She should queue either in the taxi or on foot with the 4 kids
YANBU - She should have the taxi drop her as close to the check in lodge as possible and walk the rest.

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ConsistentlyElectrifiedElves · 05/02/2024 14:47

I just googled it and the Woburn site says on their website "if you're not arriving by car, give us a call to make your arrival as smooth as possible" so they must have alternative options in place, such as checking in at guest services.

I'm not sure why there's not a clear note on their website (though I guess some CFs would decide to try and skip the queue if they knew they could check in somewhere else).

For a company that massively sells itself on not having cars, they don't exactly make it easily accessible for people that don't have one!

Starabella · 05/02/2024 14:52

I did this years ago and it was fairly simple. There was a Lodge/manned hut right at the entrance to the park which you pass long before you get into any queues. The taxi dropped me there and I checked in there and then walked over to my lodge. The taxi driver knew this was the process so they must get a fair few doing it. The same on departure day, I booked a taxi and it collected me at entrance hut.

This was whinfell btw.

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