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to think that £500 a month is enough for a child at uni

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FunnysInLaJardin · 04/02/2024 20:39

we will pay his accommodation and his tuition fees will be paid, so this will just be for food and travel etc

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MercanDede · 15/02/2024 21:58

BIossomtoes · 15/02/2024 21:55

Never stopped anyone I knew.

You ran with the party 🥳 crew.
How would you know any of the students that did not party? They did exist.

user18 · 16/02/2024 06:39

What has happened with this conversation? How are we talking about aids and what does that have to do with how much money you need now to live on at uni.

I went in the early 90s to Lancaster. I don’t know anyone who worked during term time apart from a couple of people who had some shifts in their college bar for extra spending money. I suspect lots worked in the holidays. I did bar work but I certainly wasn’t working 9-5.

£500 a month is what my DC live on (and anything they earn during the holidays they can use for extras)

Seeline · 16/02/2024 09:30

BIossomtoes · 15/02/2024 21:39

Not in the 80s. Everyone partied.

I had a great time during term time, but I worked all my holidays to pay for it .
Most of my friends had jobs of some sort.
Most of my friends also worked bloody hard for their degrees too.

We did have it easier though - we got housing benefit to help with accommodation costs and could sign on for the dole over the summer break if we couldn't find a job.

MercanDede · 16/02/2024 10:17

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