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Adhd and aggression

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ToxicOstrich · 04/02/2024 18:44

Is it normal for a 5yo who has adhd to present completely differently with his primary caregiver compared with other adults? For example being aggressive with his mother (sees dad every 3 weeks for one day) and completely masking it at school and with his dad/other adults?

I'm the mother in this scenario. I'm a good mum. He has a good diet. We have boundaries. He does regular exercise. But he just loses the plot with me so much. Nearly pushed me down the stairs today. I feel like I need support and so does he but nobody else seems to believe me when I tell them he's like this. I'm exhausted.

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Mumof2NDers · 04/02/2024 18:56

Mine are older now (16 and 23) but when they were younger my experience was the same as yours. They could mask/ hold it in with other people. You are his “safe” person. He knows you will love him no matter what!
It’s very difficult to deal with but try to stay calm. It does get easier as they get older

beetr00 · 04/02/2024 18:58

@ToxicOstrich there are numerous online resources wrt ADHD which may help.


Pieceofpurplesky · 04/02/2024 19:01

It was normal for me and DS - nobody would ever believe he could smash up his bedroom!
I work with SEMH kids now and they can be delightful at school and hard work at home.

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