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To keeo my eliptical walker outside?

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Fitandfree · 04/02/2024 17:01

No one's answered on exercise chat. I have an elliptical walker in my big, but very full, detached, garage.It's not an inviting environment. It's been there 20 year, unused. I've seen waterproof covers for them, and know I would use it in the garden.I like exercise, and I like being outside. It is curretly in full working order. Has anyone tried this, with waterproof cover? Obviously it would still be standing on a wet patio, as the covers just go over the top,wirh drawstring on the bottom, to stop them blowing away.

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Rollercoaster1920 · 04/02/2024 17:03

It'll rust and seize unless specifically designed to be used outside. Just sell it.

Rainbowshit · 04/02/2024 17:12

We had our treadmill outside covered for a short amount of time as we were having building work done. Certain bits of it don't work anymore. Some of the buttons for example. Think the electronics got too damp.

Fitandfree · 04/02/2024 19:22

Not the right answer 🤣 I'll have to set about making the garage more appealing. Which isn't a small or appealing task due to my partner hoarding in there 😐

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