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Anyone’s relationship just die after having dc

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Whyisspringsoearly · 03/02/2024 21:52

Have a 5 year old Dd..feeling sad as mine and Dh’s relationship is miles away from when she was a newborn, things started to go wrong 6 months onwards and now we’re almost strangers in a way, it’s so sad and I don’t know why it happened
Has anyone had similar, did you get back to the way you were?

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Whyisspringsoearly · 03/02/2024 21:52

Or maybe more like 1 years old onwards

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Whyisspringsoearly · 03/02/2024 22:17

is it only me

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SparrowSally · 03/02/2024 22:45

Definitely in our early years with ds, it affected us. DS is now 10, and being more self sufficient has helped us get back on track. We also make sure every couple of months we have some time for just us, could just be a meal out but it really helps.

RobertaFirmino · 03/02/2024 22:47

Have you talked to him about this? He could be having the same thoughts.

squidgybits · 03/02/2024 22:52

Agree with PPs , you need to talk
Without discussing things you are both kinda walking in the dark so to speak
Light it up with talk
Take things from there
Best wishes in everything you do X

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