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If you are 25 (ish) and single, what do you do at the weekend?

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offermade · 03/02/2024 19:08

I live alone, am 25 and single. Work full time Monday-Friday. Wondering how others in a similar situation spend their weekends? I do meet up with friends sometimes but post-uni they live spread across the country so not always feasible.

What do you do?

OP posts:
Ceebeegee · 03/02/2024 19:19

My daughter is 26 and single.

Her Friday evenings are usually taking her dog for a walk after work, maybe the gym, and then home for a glass of wine and netflix/apple TV. Sometimes out with friends, but most often she's at home on Friday evenings.
Saturday mornings she calls "body admin time". So this will either be hair appointment , gym, nails , spray tan , lashes , waxing etc.
Saturday evenings are spent ready to go out on Saturday night. Not always to nightclubs, sometimes just to a cocktail bar with a couple of friends.
Sunday depends on her hangover , but usually she comes to visit us for Sunday dinner. In the spring and summer she takes part in an outdoor dog exercise class which keeps her busy on Sundays.
Sunday evening is usually gym and chores/housework.

Precipice · 03/02/2024 19:22

I like to spend time by myself and relax at home. Occasionally meet a friend somewhere or go to the theatre or something like that.

Bluenotgreen · 03/02/2024 19:23

Go out with local friends.

Go away for the weekend to meet up with those far flung friends

Go to theatre/cinema/cultural stuff on my own.

Sleep, read, catch up on phone calls.

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