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If you use WhatsApp for work, do you delete the messages and record the details on the recorsd?

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cakeorwine · 02/02/2024 18:45

Our advice is that if you use messaging apps, then keep it confidential, put the details in the client records and delete afterwards for data protection issues.

Using mobile messaging - NHS Transformation Directorate (

  • Minimise the amount of personal/confidential patient information you communicate via mobile messaging.
  • The mobile messaging conversation does not replace the formal health and care record. Instead, you must keep separate health and care records, transfer any clinical decisions communicated via mobile messaging as soon as possible and delete the original messaging notes.
  • Remember that mobile messaging conversations may be subject to freedom of information (FOI) requests or subject access requests (SARs).

I don't know how that applies to Government messages but I can see how clinical decisions should be on a care record and should be deleted off WhatsApp

Using mobile messaging

NHS Transformation Directorate - transformation to improve health and care for everyone

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