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Unbeknownsty · 01/02/2024 08:19

I know it's a bit of a joke to play 'Dr Google' and actually seen as a negative, but has anyone else actually had to Google their symptoms to diagnose themselves, and been right?!

Several times over the years I've seen a GP for a diagnosis, been fobbed off, then Googled the symptoms and gone back to the GP and been right. Three examples:

I was told my rash was eczema; I knew I felt super unwell so Googled it and found it could be Shingles. I was right.

Told for years my period pain was normal - Googled it, it sounded exactly like endometriosis, I asked for a referral, I was correct.

My gastro pain symptoms were "100% heartburn" according to GP. I Googled the same symptoms I told the Doctor it was likely it was my gallbladder. GP refused to refer for a scan! Paid for one privately and my gallbladder needed removing, it was full of stones and decaying. If I had left it I could have been in serious trouble.

Maybe my GP surgery is just shit but can't just be me! Thank god for Google.

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MrsLeonFarrell · 01/02/2024 08:21

When I google for others it's always more accurate than when I Google for myself. I think being a hypochondriac is probably why when I Google for myself it defaults to something serious!

Skiphopbump · 01/02/2024 08:24

I took DS to A&E and told the staff I thought he had an obscure kidney condition after googling. I was right.

Bilingualspingual · 01/02/2024 08:25

Yes, picked up my dad’s seizures and what exactly they were. His GP passed on his thanks!

PriOn1 · 01/02/2024 08:29

I think, if you stick to reputable sites and it’s not something too complicated, it has its place. I also sometimes think GPs can easily dismiss patients (particularly women) and tend to default to thinking it’s nothing serious as 95% of the time it isn’t. They then miss the few cases that are, unless they’re careful, and especially on a first visit.

I’ve had complicated problems and it can be a minefield if you start googling rare and unusual symptoms when you’re already past the GP stage.

KT8282 · 01/02/2024 09:00

The biggest issue with Dr Google is knowing what to trust. I’m a vet so have been on both sides of this fence. I’m usually (but not always) right on my/my family’s symptoms but I have enough knowledge to filter out unlikely things. My vet clients were very hit n miss on their armchair diagnoses!

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