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I just nearly left my family

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Nearlydidit · 01/02/2024 03:19

I told my baby I loved her and was about to walk and she went to sleep at last - I think, a bit scared to look.

I would have and I’m still a bit tempted. Life is so miserable just at the moment.

OP posts:
Totupthenumberspls · 01/02/2024 03:24

It will get better! How olds baby?

Nearlydidit · 01/02/2024 03:32

I doubt it. 6 months.

OP posts:
Totupthenumberspls · 01/02/2024 03:36

Do you want to talk about why you’re having a hard time? Is it the lack of sleep? Something else?

i had some pretty miserable times in the early days but I promise it’s better now

Nearlydidit · 01/02/2024 03:40

I don’t know. We had a great bond but lately we hate one another. It’s affected the bond I had with my other child too so I have a poor relationship with both children as a result.

OP posts:
Totupthenumberspls · 01/02/2024 04:05

You defo don’t hate each other. It’s just one of those phases you can’t see past right now.

Mamaraisedadoughut · 01/02/2024 04:22

I'm so sorry you feel this way. Sometimes things feel unbelievably hard.
Having young babies is a mental and physical grind, and sometimes it leads to us rubbing up again our partners the wrong way, and all of a sudden it can feel like nothing is right, or salvageable.

How are you sleeping?
How do you feel in yourself?
Is DH supportive at all?

How is baby?

What are the current issues? Can someone give you a few hours reprieve from family stuff so you can just be you for a short time?

Mojodojocasahaus · 01/02/2024 04:26

I remember feeling the same op, I used to fantasise about booking a premier inn and just having a night off. Things will improve, babies get better at sleeping, just take it a day at a time

BlazenWeights · 01/02/2024 04:27

I promise you it gets better. Don’t walk out on them. Reach out for help. You’ll not get judged. Sending you strength

Sleepandchocolate2202 · 01/02/2024 04:35

Aw OP, you don’t hate each other. You might hate how life has changed but these early months are temporary, you can get through them.

You aren’t alone - so many women are up with their babies right now, you can’t see them but they are near

Do you have a support system or anyone who could help lighten the load sometimes?

cinnamonbiscuit · 01/02/2024 05:50

OP I have a nearly 6 month old right now and I totally get it. It's relentless. Have you got anyone you can talk to or anyone who could step in and give you a break? You sound like you're on the brink, please tell someone. This is a 24/7 job and it's not unreasonable to need a break every now and then!

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