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To want to flog my house to one of these We Buy Any House companies and go into rented?

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ReacherSaidNothing · 31/01/2024 18:56

Been here 6 months with DH and 2 DC and hate it here. We had more or less continual issues from the day after we moved in, which have been sorted but I feel the problems have just killed any love I had for this house. I feel on edge when I'm here and better when I'm out the house, my MH has definitely suffered with this place and I'm at the point I've had enough.

It took a long time to sell our last house, and I dont think I can face the whole process of EAs and viewers again. I feel tempted to flog it to one of these agencies that buy off you to avoid it all. We put in a sizeable deposit so will still walk away with a good chunk of cash however, we're in Scotland and paid about 40k over HR which I'm prepared to walk away from, I'm just over this now tbh.

DH is on board with leaving and we're debating just going into rented for a while to reassess our options. Anyone else done this before?

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NextPrimeMinister · 31/01/2024 18:59

Wouldn't you be better renting your out and using to pay rent for yourselves (or put towards) and wait for house prices to rise to allow you to recoup the 40k.

Or put on the market as normal, as you paid extra so someone else might?

dottiedodah · 31/01/2024 19:00

Bear in mind these companies often offer well under the market value. Maybe rent house and move elsewhere? I would be careful and maybe see what cab or similar think

ownedbymydog · 31/01/2024 19:05

When you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough! I understand that feeling with a house…possibly look at auctioning it though? It’s usually a relatively quick process, and although you might not get market value you will probably get much much more than those companies will offer.

ReacherSaidNothing · 31/01/2024 19:17

Thanks for replying. Renting out isn't for me, the way I feel atm I just want a clean break from this place.

That's a good idea re the auction - we live in a very popular area where houses can go quickly (despite the current economy) so might have a decent bid.

I think as well avoiding the EA route again appeals as no doubt we'll get questions about why we're moving so fast, I just don't think I can face all that.

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Poppysmom22 · 31/01/2024 19:20

We did it and from a top agents valuation of £260,000 we walked away with £141,000 it’s was totally worth and and we still made a profit but it was stressful

Poppysmom22 · 31/01/2024 19:22

We had planning issues in addition to a total nightmare neighbour it was a big old house that was a money pit and it would have been a nightmare to sell on the open market. It worked for us but you need to have the money in the property to make sure you don’t lose out

Poppysmom22 · 31/01/2024 19:23

We also didn’t have a mortgage to pay off and loads of equity

ReacherSaidNothing · 31/01/2024 19:42

Hi we have plenty equity - mortgage if £86k and put £236k deposit down so will definitely walk away with something

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Poppysmom22 · 31/01/2024 19:45

They really are the last option and do rip you off but you can pull out right at the last minute if you want to

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