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Awful Holistic treatment

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Tevion1213 · 31/01/2024 09:59

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I booked a reflexology treatment 1st one id tried as somebody told me its good for stress etc.
It was meant to be 1 hours treatment and I hot 30mins cost £25 which was actually reasonable if it had of been 1 hr.
Anyway she spent the 30 mins running up and down my feet with a plastic tool along the bony areas and she applied quite intense pressure which hurt along along the side of my feet and top as obviously those areas are quite bony.
There was hardly any actual finger touch I told her a couple of times to apply less pressure and she eased off a little but reverted back it was far from the relaxing treatment I hoped for.
It's a venue that predominantly specialises in another completely different area but they do other things like pedicures etc but its all done in the main salon area not any private room with relaxing music etc and I could see outside into the street and people see in and in all it wasn't a great experience.
Just looking for opinions as to if this experience was normal.

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Tevion1213 · 31/01/2024 13:48


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Toddlerteaplease · 31/01/2024 13:51

Doesn't sound like the therapist was a reflexologist. I love reflexology and nothing other than fingers have ever been used on my feet. I once went to a Chinese medical place, thinking they would be experts. But I just got a foot and leg massage and spent half of it with my feet in a bowl of hot water. Never went back!

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