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NAFLD confusion

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galliverstravels · 30/01/2024 11:02

Posting here for traffic hope that's alright. I got diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver a few months ago. There was visible sludge around the liver and gallbladder on my scan according to the GP, yes he did say 'sludge'. I also have gallstones. GP recommended I lose weight while awaiting appointment with surgeon to discuss gallbladder removal. So I have been steadily losing weight and I'm 2 st down now but still overweight so still going with my diet. I've cut out all alcohol, cheese, bread, milk and no longer eat pasta, pizza, chips, sweeties etc. My question is- will this have reduced/reversed the fatty liver and sludge? I haven't been given any other appointments or scans so how would I know? Got myself quite worried after learning what NAFLD can lead to and trying very hard to reverse as much damage as I can.

YABU- of course you can't reverse the damage, your liver is screwed for all eternity

YANBU- you're overthinking this, you can reduce this risk of further complications with weight loss & dietary changes


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Mamma142526 · 30/01/2024 11:15

It depends how far along NAFLD has progressed - if you Google NAFLD, it progresses through stages: fatty liver, inflammation, fibrosis and cirrhosis.

A huge percentage of the Western world have fatty liver disease because of diet. Dietary changes and exercise can make an enormous difference. Fatty liver and inflammation in the liver are reversible. Some studies are showing that fibrosis may be reversible. Cirrhosis is not reversible but you would already be very, very unwell if the disease had progressed that far.

It sounds like you are doing a great job already. Good luck with your next appointments.

Not a medic but I have a lot of experience with NAFLD.

audihere · 30/01/2024 11:54

you've taken the important steps to protect your liver, the main one being cutting out alcohol and improving your diet.
As pp says there are many different stages of liver disease and they progress if changes aren't made (some causes are autoimmune so not controlled by diet, but certainly taking steps to cut out things that cause your liver to work harder will always help)
I looked into liver disease in great detail a few years ago when my DC's dad was dying from alcoholic liver disease, and even at the point of decompensated cirrhosis, there is still merit in stopping drinking and improving diet, although by that late stage the damage has well and truly been done.
Fortunately you have had fatty liver diagnosed and are at the early stage where you could see huge improvements from the steps you are taking.

galliverstravels · 30/01/2024 18:25

Thank you. Just seen the replies as been out at work. You have both reassured me a lot. I've been told my liver is fatty but not yet inflamed so your replies have given me hope that if I keep my weight down that can be reversed. Thank you I feel less anxious now!

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