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Over sensitive hormones

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Limenlemon · 30/01/2024 08:36

Baby overdue so I'm feeling very sorry for myself anyways.

Had a disagreement with DH other something petty about loading the dishwasher. One of his downfalls is he can be snappy when in the wrong, I usually let it go over my head.

But his response was I can move out if I wasn't happy with his ways, and if I did he'd be keeping the baby because I have no family to help support me like he does (in reality, I do).

He apologised fairly quickly, but I still feel so disheartened and over thinking things. I'm assuming it's just a mixture of worry and raging hormones, but it seems to have just knocked me a bit.

Just wanted to vent really, probably doesn't sound as bad written down.

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editorJlo · 30/01/2024 09:37

Being defensive is okay but slinging that comment at you is unacceptable and indicates he is the baby here. Must have no idea about respectfulness and will need solid training on this!

TheNightWasOld · 30/01/2024 10:02

My ex said a similar thing to me when I was pregnant, that I wasn't leaving and taking his baby away from him. Please note the second word in my comment.

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