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To ask why it hurts so much

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BUILDABIGBURGER · 30/01/2024 04:12

Got up 20 minutes ago ask I woke up in a panic I'd forgot to set my alarm, go over to my alarm clock, half asleep on the way back over stub my little toe on the footboard of my bed.

I've now been wide awake with a bleeding little toe, washed it in warm water put a plaster on.


Also, my bed is leather, so not wood there's no wood stuck in there it just really, really hurts.

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Niegenug · 30/01/2024 04:22

I feel for you! I got up in the night a couple of days ago to go to the loo and as I usually do kept my eyes closed so as not to wake myself up too much. Lo and behold I stubbed my toes. So I properly woke up due to the intense pain. Luckily, I was able to get back to sleep.

Maybe yours hurts so much because you may have broken it. But if you did, the treatment is to strap it to the adjacent toe. Have you taken some painkiller? It may help.

BUILDABIGBURGER · 30/01/2024 04:24

@Niegenug It feels like it's the nail that hurts more than the toe itself? I'll be honest I'm due a pedi in 4 days and my artist told me off for cutting my toes nails ( apparently wrong ) so my nails are longer than usual at the minute.

No painkiller, I'm honestly more pissed off I've lost out on sleep, suppose I never really needed the alarm 🤣

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