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Work Related - How to handle this situation correctly.

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OneBadEgg · 29/01/2024 18:49

We have a colleague who has a very close family friends relationship with our head of HR.

Hid the friendship for over 2 years, used to question people over things HR related things but when they were asked about it, denied the friendship and accused the person of thinking that, only because they have the same protected characteristic.

Our team leader left after this person put a grievance in against them (we since found out this person knew they were close friends due to being in the same friendship circles, but always stayed out of it, until they left, when social media photos etc were sent out, the account was private so could only come from someone who from friends with them and still don't know who is was, it was all very weird, a meeting was held for half the team about it, I mean who really cares who your friends with but why hide it? and now we are here.

The friendship is used as a shield, this person is growing into a monster.

Every time something doesn't go their way, straight to HR, where said family friend handles it, most recent is another grievance, this time against our lovely manager. (again, silly reasons.. bad egg has been telling people about it)

Bad Egg is pulling people up for the most silly things (not replying to a social message during shift, not putting X's on the end of a message - just some examples)

They are in an acting senior position at the moment and is inviting half the team out for coffee before meetings and 'forgetting' to pass on important work emails/information (which led to someone leaving with immediate effect)

Your probably thinking so what? with some of that information, there is a lot more, but I could be here forever, and we were just carrying on, we come to work to work not socialise, but face with the prospect of losing our manager there are a group of us who want to bring this up, to highlight what its been like working together, but how do we do that without making a problem that they can make a issue to HR about it.

There is a big meeting with our managers manager next Thursday, its the only time we see them all year, and we would like to discuss this with them on the day, face to face, as our manager is close to just leaving because the situation is becoming untenable, they are really defeated and feel helpless and we really do not want to lose them, really is the best thing to happen to our department in the entire time we have worked here (mostly long term employees)

How do we approach this properly, protecting ourselves and our manager.

Any suggestions appreciated

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