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What do I do

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Stripeyjumper97 · 29/01/2024 11:05

My landlord is increasing my rent again. I can not afford it. I just can’t. I’m already struggling to get by. I’ve Spoke to the council. They’ve gone through my bills and finances, bank statements. They’ve confirmed they agree that I can not stretch my money anymore and that I’m already cutting corners.

Im a single parent with a young child. Been looking for other houses and there’s either none that are cheaper or I’m just not getting a look in due to my current circumstances. Low income and single parent. I’ve even looked further afield and there isn’t anything

My Landlord will not negotiate the amount and says ‘everyone is struggling’ and there’s nothing else he can do. His mortgage keeps increasing

Council have said they will help me if I’m issued a section 21 but my landlord has basically said he doesn’t do those.

I just don’t know what to do

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TigerRag · 29/01/2024 11:21

Would you be entitled to any universal credit?

TallulahBetty · 29/01/2024 11:24

Register with local HA lists as well as the council, if they are separate in your area.

Fluffyhoglets · 29/01/2024 11:30

Ask if you can claim DHP discretionary housing payment from council or whether they will pay the increase in rent as homeless prevention.
If your LL doesn't do s.21 then it's going to ge along wait fir tou to fall into enough arrears fir him to evuxt you anyway!

Needanewnamebeingwatched · 29/01/2024 11:31

Don't pay the extra and challenge the increase.

He will either have to issue you with a section 21 or keep the rent as it is.

You can't pay what you don't have

dancemom · 29/01/2024 12:46

If he doesn't do Section 21s then he doesn't evict tenants

LadyBird1973 · 29/01/2024 12:52

I would pay the normal amount and wait for his response. Don't stop paying rent altogether

Whaleandsnail6 · 29/01/2024 12:58

Hes going to have to issue a section 21 if you cant pay the new rent.
Either that or not increase the rent. You cant pay what you don't have.

Thelnebriati · 29/01/2024 13:04

AFAIK there are no good reasons for a LL not to use section 21, so talk to Shelter and get some help. He may not have put your deposit into escrow. You could have ammo for resisting a rent increase.

Stripeyjumper97 · 29/01/2024 17:36

Thanks everyone's. I think the reason is is that the property isn’t worth the increase and they probably think they will not be able to get a new tenant in at that amount so they are thinking about the void period etc. it needs a lot of work doing to the house

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