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Playmobil - can’t recycle?

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plasmeh · 29/01/2024 10:42

AIBU to think that it’s a shame that playmobil as a hard plastic is impossible to recycle? If you have any tips, would appreciate them!

I know you can give away playmobil in good condition or missing one part but we’ve got dragons with bits snapped off (wings or legs that won’t go back in as the holder snapped), broken in half (these dragons have seen many battles over years).

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PurpleHiker · 29/01/2024 10:54

Terracycle have a toy recycling scheme that will accept broken toys. Check if you have somewhere locally that collects for these. Google 'Tadworth Terracycle' there are several drop-off points, if you are based in South London/Surrey some of these locations may be good for you.

plasmeh · 29/01/2024 10:57

The only thing I can see on terracycle is hasbro which is waitlisted. Tesco had a scheme last quarter that’s no longer running and no update on what they’re doing on that…

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Springcleaninginsummer · 29/01/2024 11:04

Have you seen the amount of plastic that the Ocean Cleanup pull out of the sea? Your tiny pieces of playmo are irrelevant on a global scale. Put them in the bin with a clear concience.

(7) Over 8,000,000 KG (17.8m lb) of Trash Removed From the Oceans and Rivers Worldwide #shorts - YouTube

I do agree that there should be more recycling available, but the scale of the problem is far beyond individual householders now.

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CCLCECSC · 29/01/2024 11:06

If the parts are broken so much that they're irreparable sadly I'd say bin it. But odd parts in good condition will sell even if you bundle them off to a charity shop stating mixed bag on side.

PurpleHiker · 29/01/2024 11:08

The Hasbro scheme accepts any brand of toy, not just Hasbro. You won't be able to send stuff directly to Terracycle yourself, you need to find a collection point near you, who will then collate everything and will send off to Terracycle when they have enough to send off. The waitlist won't affect those collection points who are already registered with Terracycle.

plasmeh · 29/01/2024 11:23

It’s so frustrating - there are no toy drop offs anywhere near me. @CCLCECSC thanks for the mixed bag tip that’ll help. You do lose odd bits..

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Dotjones · 29/01/2024 11:30

Just bin them. There's so much plastic pollution that a few items doesn't make a difference in the scheme of things. Alternatively just put them in the recycling bin anyway, it may be the case that they can be recycled after all, just not under every scheme. If they can't be recycled at the local centre they'll just get pulled out and landfilled anyway so you're not losing anything by taking a chance.

plasmeh · 29/01/2024 11:33

@Springcleaninginsummer those videos are so sad aren’t they? I promised my dd that anything she parted with would turn into something else - foolish.

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OwlBasket · 29/01/2024 11:38

I’m not in the UK so can’t recommend any sites, but there are plenty that buy used playmobil (also broken and incomplete). It’s then refurbished and sold on. There are a lot of collectors about! You’ll not get a fortune for it but better than binning it.

plasmeh · 29/01/2024 11:50

Thanks - I do have a few ideas now - hopefully I can find some people as dragon obsessed as dd.

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