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To ask for more work

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g0at · 29/01/2024 10:04

I seem to always end up in this scenario!

Started a new job a few months before Christmas in an industry I've experience in although there's more to this role, so more to learn. The rest of our team are always busy (senior) so can't just get them to show me things. However just before Christmas and now I find myself with little to do. Worst part is we have a timesheet so I have to put something down but I don't have anything to put down.

My manager is always on calls so can never get her to say look I need more work. Is it worth serving an email and if so what do I say? Would be so much easier to being up face to face in an office environment!

Advice welcomed!

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Tillow4ever · 29/01/2024 14:28

Can you drop you manager/team an email saying you've looked at what you have on this week and realise you have capacity to take more on and does anyone have anything they need help with? Maybe even say you'd be happy to take some more responsibilities on permanently as well, if there's anything someone would like to pass to you.

CCLCECSC · 29/01/2024 14:30

Absolutely email or schedule a call in both of your diaries. No manager should be annoyed by an employee coming forward to ask for more work.

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