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To ask for a space to share positive stories of single parents and dating?

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stayalone · 28/01/2024 16:30

I'm a single parent to 3 kids.

I've enjoyed a fun dating life in the 7 years I've been divorced and life would've been very dull without it. I'm actually intentionally single for the last couple of years, but that isn't a decision that's related to me being a parent.

I really worry about the rhetoric on here that suggests single mothers should stay single until their kids are 18, or, at least, should never introduce their kids to a partner, should only have very rare dates when the kids aren't around and never EVER be thinking about their 'adult' needs. (I realise this is somewhat an exaggeration of the message of those threads but that's how they feel sometimes).

Of course we should all think about safe-guarding, sensible boundaries and our children's happiness.

However, single mums are entitled to lives outside of their kids and have the same needs and desire as married parents and people without kids.

I wanted to start a thread of positive stories, particularly so those who are perhaps thinking of leaving an unhappy marriage or are newly single, do not feel that they shouldn't look for love (or even just fun!) again.

I really don't want anyone to think that single mum life is a one-way ticket to loneliness.

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