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30 hour funding - never went through, not told for 6 months £2500 arrears built. AIBU to say it's not all my fault?

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Rainbowloverparentx · 27/01/2024 19:03

Nursery 30hr funding issues with nursery provider.

Hi, I have a 4 year old in a nursery setting.

To note, I have mental health difficulties, awaiting an assessment for ADHD and Autism (I'm 26 F) and a phyiscal disability.

She's been there since she was 2.5, I was eligible for the 2 year funding due to low income.

I got back into work and had to up my child's hours.

I fell into some arrears and was notified of the 30hrs for working parents. First off, I wasn't eligible, then I went onto a full time contract and applied and was eligible.

I attended the nursery to drop my daughter off and they said I needed to sign a form and then they'd be able to access the funding.

I applied in August 2023 and signed this prior to September they told me they needed it done for then for the new term.

No one told me I needed to supply a code for them to access it.

They nursery has 3 or 4 other settings, 1 was recently closed by Ofsted due to being inadequate. Our nursery manger left in August.

I had no invoice from August-Jan.

Months go by and fast forward to late December, I get a call which I miss and an email stating I'm in substantial arrears.

I reply stating I will be able to make a payment at the end of December, still, no one made me aware of a total amount outstanding.

I then was subject to an assault at work, where I required medical attention and substantial after effects from the injury. I had time off work and therefore was unable to pay.

She makes contact again and tells me she needs my child's 30hr code, as she hasn't got it and therefore from September to January. I actually did not have any additional funding and therefore my arrears accrued over £2,500.

I have signed another confirmation since then as its every 3 months and not once, did anyone ask me for the code.

I did not even know I needed a code, I should of read all the information better but I have now been made aware it is the nursery at fault.

As they have a something called a 'headcount' to check the register and who requires the funding prior to it being put in.

This means, someone could of and should of made contact with me during August/September to make me aware they needed the code.

No one ever did.

No invoices, no communication for months, which therefore I was under the assumption no further bill was needed to be paid.

I still have no figure, I just expressed my frustration to which she just apologised for and then I set up a repayment plan for what I could afford as I was threatened with them reducing my daughters hours and therefore I'd be unable to work, unable to make any further payments and just be totally screwed.

I'm wondering, am I really the one at fault here?
Is it worth consulting a solicitor or something regarding this?

Thanks, a very stressed and anxious parent.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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Ghentsummer · 27/01/2024 19:20

In your contract with the nursery does it say they will invoice you every month? I think the most you may get is a payment plan. You say nobody told you about the code but also that you should have read the information better. Did they give you a pack of info about what you needed to do and you then haven't followed it? I can't see them letting you off any of the fees if they provided any info they were required to provide.

You could complain about the delay in raising it with you but there are govt rules as to when codes etc need to be submitted for funding.

Rainbowloverparentx · 27/01/2024 19:45

@Ghentsummer Up until the manager left and I was greeted at the door with the letter. I may just be making this a very complicated way of stating it, but I did the application online. I didn't tell them I had completed it as it was at least a month or two after it was suggested.

After that, I attend the nursery to drop my child off and was told they needed me to sign the form to be able to pop it through.

Hence why I assumed, wrongly, that they had all the necessary information, if they stated I needed to provide a code and sign it then I would of been aware to look over the confirmation document on the Gov sign up. At this point up up til Jan I was not aware or any code being required.

I have difficulties in getting my thoughts out concisely, so I do apologise.

All I remember was applying online via my NI number which confirmed I was eligible as I was employed and earnt over the threshold.

I was told I was eligible and that was it. It wasn't until I got told that I then scrambled and looked back on the Gov website after not seeing anything in my emails, to a notification on that portal with a message which did explain the code.

I told them when she started that I have difficulties with communication and documentation. I raised my concern with this when it was suggested initially, and when it was suggested there was no mention of a code, just to apply online.

I'm not saying that it's totally not my fault. I definitely should of been looked further, but they did not explain anything about any code. I signed the confirmation paper twice, which is literally just stating my employment hasn't changed otherwise I'd not be eligible.

It was flagged this time as they've looked into it prior to the funding going through. What I don't understand is, how unprompted they asked me to sign the form, so knew my child was eligible as it must have gone through to them via HMRC, they ask me to sign it, do not make me aware and then now are aware?

No one provided any real information, I was not given any pack or anything?

I do understand there are cut off points but I think the circumstances are quite disappointing. I understand I wasn't covered but I think that is their error and they should be accountable for some.

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Barrenfieldoffucks · 27/01/2024 19:50

It does tell you in all the info online and in emails etc that you need a code, which then needs to be reviewed periodically.

KateyCuckoo · 27/01/2024 19:53

Yes you're at fault, you're latest message literally says as much. You've used their service and they haven't been paid...

Rainbowloverparentx · 27/01/2024 19:59

@KateyCuckoo Please don't sit and just assume I'm not willing to pay it. Clearly you have no difficulties in these sorts of things, but some do.

They also have to complete compulsory headcounts to send to the council, and therefore they actually do hold some responsibility in this.

I completed it 6 weeks prior to this date provided.

I feel your comments are quite unfair.

OP posts:
Rainbowloverparentx · 27/01/2024 20:00

@Barrenfieldoffucks I understand I should of looked more in depth but I just can't understand why it was not picked up prior to this date and the compulsory headcounts.

OP posts:
WombatBombat · 27/01/2024 20:02

I think the most you can hope for now is an agreement to a payment plan.

KateyCuckoo · 27/01/2024 20:05

I didn't assume you were unwilling to pay, I was answering your question AIBU to think it's not my fault?

I know exactly how funding works, you don't have to send me links.

Hmmmmaybe · 27/01/2024 20:05

Go to citizens advice and they can help you write a letter. They should have told you that you had to get a code

Rainbowloverparentx · 27/01/2024 20:05

@WombatBombat I unfortunately think you are right. My ex had spoken to a lawyer and a childminder who stated they hold fault.

But appears that is not the case.

OP posts:
KateyCuckoo · 27/01/2024 20:07

You would have also had regular emails from telling you to reconfirm your code.

wutheringkites · 27/01/2024 20:07

It's odd that you say you struggle with things like this but seem to have no issues in finding out the process the nursery should have followed.

Rainbowloverparentx · 27/01/2024 20:07

@KateyCuckoo you've come here with an awful lot of attitude. I don't think I'm the one being unreasonable here at all.

I attempted to ensure moving forward there was stability in the payments, as I have noted, i struggle massively with personal administration tasks.

I told them this, all was well until the manager left. Then I had zero communication from them for 6 months to be told where's the code?

I don't think that's fair and fair of you to just say I should of looked more.

You may know about funding but you clearly have no empathy.

OP posts:
wutheringkites · 27/01/2024 20:09

Rainbowloverparentx · 27/01/2024 20:05

@WombatBombat I unfortunately think you are right. My ex had spoken to a lawyer and a childminder who stated they hold fault.

But appears that is not the case.

If you've had proper guidance from a lawyer when why are you asking Mumsnet?

Rainbowloverparentx · 27/01/2024 20:10

@wutheringkites My ex who was been dragged into this, has consulted advice.

Therefore I was made aware via him..

Incase you think I'm just lying, I'll attach the screenshots

30 hour funding - never went through, not told for 6 months £2500 arrears built. AIBU to say it's not all my fault?
30 hour funding - never went through, not told for 6 months £2500 arrears built. AIBU to say it's not all my fault?
OP posts:
wutheringkites · 27/01/2024 20:12

No one suggested that you're lying.

TempName247 · 27/01/2024 20:13

I think it is their fault, they should have asked you for the code originally and failing that at least been in contact with you for payment after the first month or half term had passed, at which point the error would have been rectified.

Rainbowloverparentx · 27/01/2024 20:13

You did?

'It's odd that you say you struggle with things like this but seem to have no issues in finding out the process the nursery should have followed.'

You implied that I have not been truthful in how I struggle.

OP posts:
Rainbowloverparentx · 27/01/2024 20:15

@Hmmmmaybe I just don't really know where I stand if I am completely honest.

I'm very conflicted and stressed about it all.

OP posts:
wutheringkites · 27/01/2024 20:16

I'm not saying you're lying but you're not being very clear either.

You put this in your op: Is it worth consulting a solicitor or something regarding this?

And then say your ex has already spoken to a lawyer who has said the nursery is at fault.

Anyway, all the best in sorting this out.

Confused2124 · 27/01/2024 20:18

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MILLYmo0se · 27/01/2024 20:20

Is your contract for funding with the Government not the nursery though? I'm not in the UK but sounds like a similar system to here, where the parent has to register, get a code and supply it to the childcare service. All communication about the funding, code, whether you are meeting your hours etc is communicated from the funding department to the parent but it does seem very odd that no one noticed they were actually getting funding for your child. Or could it be that they were getting paid the funding, theres been a compliance check by the department and they taken the funding back (this can happen here) prompting the realisation by the service that you never came back with the code to fully validate the application they submitted on your behalf?

KateyCuckoo · 27/01/2024 20:20

What are you asking then if you're so sure you are right?

Barrenfieldoffucks · 27/01/2024 20:20

They should have asked, but surely you've had emails about it? You get them regularly when you sign up, unless you didn't actually sign up?

Prickled · 27/01/2024 20:20

Some people are genuinely unhelpful and spiteful on purpose on here and I really don’t like that.

Sorry the answers haven’t been kinder OP. I think the fault is with you but the situation isn’t fair, given you didn’t know about the code situation. I would contact citizens advice and your local council who deals with the funding to see if they can help. They might have encountered this situation before. Hope you get it sorted, I can’t imagine how stressed you must feel x

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