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Omaze shouldn't take your money if they're going to credit check you out of your prize!

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Newnamenewnameagain · 26/01/2024 07:24

I have an omaze subscription. I'm a little bit concerned that I'm hearing they credit check and background search the winners before giving the prizes. Does anyone think they should do this BEFORE they take your money?
I am not sure what they're looking for when they do your background check but what if you're paying and never have a chance of winning a thing?

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CormorantStrikesBack · 26/01/2024 07:27

That sounds like bollocks. So do they decide you’re too poor for a prize? Or too rich?

Notsonifty50 · 26/01/2024 07:29

They can't do a credit search without your consent. Does it say in the ts and cs that they do?

Watercolourpapier · 26/01/2024 07:31

I imagine it's in the t and cs so .. read those first before entering.

AlltheFs · 26/01/2024 07:32

It’s to prove you are who you say you are I believe, I don’t know if Omaze actually do it. But I think it’s common for very large prizes generally.

“Credit” searches can be used for identification- not just financial purposes. You can do different types of search for different things eg the ones I do as a landlord aren’t exactly the same as the one if you apply for a mortgage. They don’t all leave an inprint.

Tattletwat · 26/01/2024 07:36

It won't be a credit check it will be an Identity check to check you are who you say you are, and they probably wait until you win as it's pointless doing everyone who enters.

CornishPorsche · 26/01/2024 07:37

It's an identity check to make sure you're not another "Lotto Rapist" type for associated bad publicity I think....

Newnamenewnameagain · 26/01/2024 16:48

I honestly couldn't make out from the t&cs what it related to or what made you ineligible. I wondered if anyone knew what sort of searches they do

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