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To ask what this pipe is?

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Pipedreams75 · 26/01/2024 06:47

Just moved house and there is this pipe sticking out of the wall in a bedroom. Anyone know what it is? And what I can do about it?!

To ask what this pipe is?
OP posts:
Catza · 26/01/2024 06:50

Call the builder, have it cut and capped then the wall made good.

SidekickSylvia · 26/01/2024 07:13

Is it low on the wall? Could be an old radiator pipe. As pp said, just have it cut, capped and the hole plastered.

susiedaisy1912 · 26/01/2024 07:15

Depends if it's a water or gas pipe. Either way it needs capping off. Imo.

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